Bungalows in Chennai

Affluence Series

The Madras Bungalows - Affluence Series is a collection of ultra-luxury bungalows which challenges the ordinary. This eccentric and inventive design approach it adopts makes it an iconic space for you and your loved ones.

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Buckingham Series

The Madras Bungalows - Buckingham Series is a place where you build lasting memories and leave behind a legacy that lasts for generations to come. Experience the beauty of things that make up life with the Buckingham ultra-luxury bungalows.

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Carnatic Series (Duplex Homes)

The Madras Bungalows - Carnatic Series is designed for those who crave more than luxury. It is influenced by the rich musical heritage of South India, synchronizing with inspiring melodies and imbibing a quintessential charm that harmonizes with nature’s finest beauty.

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