SPR India’s surge to the top has been due to the untiring support of its client and customer base. They have been around for years, forging ineffaceable ties with us. A bond that till this very moment is burgeoning stronger by the day. To recognize this support, SPR launched the Sovereign Loyalty Rewards Program, a one-of-a-kind initiative that entitles customers to enjoy a multitude of promotional offers, referral bonuses and privileges, all engineered to elevate the customer’s lifestyle.


About the Membership

With a Sovereign membership, customers are entitled to receive invites, special previews of upcoming launches and other exciting rewards. All that, a client or a customer need to do is refer their friends or family members to SPR and garner a cluster of benefits.


The Sovereign Program is an initiative taken by SPR as a token of respect towards the loyalty shown by customers. The idea is to strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer base.

To become a part of SPR Sovereign, the person has to be a customer of SPR.

No. Apart from common benefits that include equal referral bonuses, customers will receive a host of categorical rewards and offers from time to time based upon their membership tier.

No, cash transactions are not possible. However, you can redeem the reward's worth as gifts or any other vouchers


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