An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Welcome to SPR India – one of the leading real estate developer in Chennai. We, at SPR India, offer world-class residences and commercial space for a luxurious and contemporary living. At SPR, we believe in constructing more than just homes. We aim to be the architects of bigger and better dreams for the people of India. Our endeavours are firmly anchored in the belief that the key to a better future is through the quality of life that people enjoy. If you are an NRI who is looking to reap great benefits of buying property in India or have any queries related to property purchase, we are always ready to help you.



Here are the few reasons:

India’s real estate is slowly changing every day, and plentiful avenues for investment have emerged like never before. Investment in property in India is a traditional and favourite investment tool for most NRIs. NRIs can invest in both residential and commercial properties anywhere in India. Having a home or property back in your own country is considered as a practical and valuable possession. In addition to financial appreciation, it also gives a sense of emotional security. Global markets experience appreciation in Real Estate, because of which India comes under the spot light as an attractive investment destination. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) looking to establish a re- connect with their homeland, have numerous options to choose from.

Booming property market
Great appreciation value for higher returns
Tax benefits with long-term gains
Flexible home loan options available
Wide variety of investment opportunities
Flexible down payment options