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World-Class Amenities at SPR City

Who doesn’t dream of having a stunning pool, Jacuzzi or yoga centres 

where they live? After all, buying a home isn’t just to sit inside four walls.  

You buy a home to experience a higher standard of living. Keeping that in mind, at SPR City, we offer ultra-modern amenities and top-notch facilities to ensure our resident’s living experience meet the standards of their dream home.  

Our projects are built with just this in mind – With luxurious apartments coming up in a prime locality, we wanted our residents to have everything they need right at their homes. Ensuring that our residents feel luxurious comfort without the need to venture outside among the hustle & bustle of the city. We bring a world-class habitat with world-class amenities right to the residents’ homes. 

Let us look at the reasons how our luxurious amenities help refine your life experience: 


Community Space: 

With 75+ joyous amenities such as Skate Park, mini theatre, flower gardens etc. – Our project is tailored to foster a sense of community and provide a space for our residents to gather and socialise together. In addition to all the healthy lifestyle facilities, SPR City offers its residents office spaces as part of its unique “Work-Live-Learn-Play-Commune – all in One place” concept. 


Swimming Pool: 

It is a luxury to have a swimming pool right at your doorstep and go for a swim in the evenings or as and when you want it!  

It is the favourite hangout spot for both children and adults alike.  



To lead a healthy life, an active lifestyle is essential. A well-equipped gym within the premises of your apartment offers convenience to those who work out on a daily basis. You don’t have to venture outside your apartment to get fit. Hit the Spa at the weekend and pamper yourself to a wonderful and relaxing time. 


Parks & Yoga Centres: 

In today’s world, the metropolitan crowd has taken to fitness routines such as yoga, walking and jogging to keep them healthy. SPR city offers around 5 lakh acres of landscaped gardens with a calm, green and serene atmosphere for you to practice yoga in the midst of a lush green environment or go for a stroll in nature and feel secure within the gated community. A Vitamin D Zone to rejuvenate your skin and for absorbing sunshine. 


Sports facilities: 

At SPR City, we offer separate spaces for all activities such as Badminton, squash, Kabbadi, wrestling, basketball, tennis etc. Without having to venture outside your apartment to get fit. Buying a property here is like investing in your health. A Jogging track for those who like to hit the dirt early in the morning. 


Recreation rooms: 

Your home reflects your lifestyle. We made no compromises when making loads of amenities available to you right at your doorstep. So that you can step out of your bedroom and engage with your friends over fun indoor games like table tennis, carrom etc. and entertainment in our mini theatres to get you through the weekend.   

While searching for your dream home, choose one that offers stunning amenities that come along with the property. All these luxury amenities help enhance the experience of your family & social relationships. And children can get together to play in designated kids’ play areas. 2 kms from Kilpauk SPR City is becoming the hub for buying property. Excellent connectivity and increasing infrastructure growth make it one of the best areas to buy a luxury apartment in Chennai. Visit SPR City to understand how our 75+ joyous amenities improve the quality of life and redefine ultra-luxury living. 

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