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Why investing in a residential property is the safest bet for future real estate?

As real estate property costs are rising every year, buying a property is a sensible long-term investment. Also, why pay monthly rent when you can pay your own EMI. Importantly, when your loan repayments are completed, you have the safety of a home, not to overlook the delight of a precious possession that comes with it. Investing in gold, mutual funds, share markets are susceptible to market fluctuations in the current market scenario. However, residential property has shown much higher stability in contrast to other investments. Other than being a great investment, owning a property offers an experience of delight and has higher psychological & emotional outcomes as proven in some research studies.

  • Tangible asset with financial security

Owning a home is one of the most essential and biggest monetary investments one can make. Besides, future monetary security, a home is an instantaneous tangible asset, which offers the investor a feeling of physical protection & safety for his or her family as well.

  • The incremental value of a property increases with time

Globally, gold and property are the best-known assets as their value continually increases with time. In real estate, several elements outline the value of a property – land, location, time, infrastructure development, interest rates, etc. A property that consists of superior offerings for living, will always be a top choice.

  • Get tax benefits

Real estate has incredible tax benefits. You can claim tax benefits under various sections of India Law from Section 24, where you can claim exemptions on the interest you pay on home loans to Section 80C, where you can claim tax benefits on repayment of the principal amount. There are other provisions for capital gains as well.

  • Emotional stability

Studies have proven that people who purchase homes are more emotionally stable. Even though you may have a home loan, you wouldn’t feel any tension, it gives pleasure & pride in owning your own home. Moving a residence each year is tough and stressful. Having that one location to call home is emotionally enjoyable and satisfactory.

  • Freedom to do up your home

Owning a residence offers you the freedom to beautify & decorate your home the way you like, as opposed to seeking permission from the homeowner if you ever prefer to change the color of walls, get new fixtures, remodel a room, etc.
The growth elements that have contributed to the improvement of residential real estate have additionally attracted many new investments. Several new and first-time homebuyers who had been once skeptical, are now intrigued with the unconditional possibilities that have surfaced. Therefore, before making an ultimate selection associated with investing in real estate, thorough research & evaluation of properties to invest in should be carried out.

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