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Why Integrated Townships are preferred after the COVID-19 experience?

Covid has affected every aspect of our lives over the past two years. From our daily routines, work, hobbies, children’s activities there is a shift in the way we function as a society as a whole. The case is no different when it comes to the real estate sector. There is a certain shift in expectations of homebuyers on what type of home they would like to live in.

So what do you think are these expectations?

With the work from home culture gaining massive prominence in India due to the Covid-19 situation, many people will have the urge to own their homes and work within the comforts of their homes.

A home that is close to their workplace. When the situation arises everyone will eventually start getting back to offices, so finding a home that is close to their workplace will be very important and will make the transition to moving back to offices much easier things. As things are slowly becoming normal, people will want to work from home or go to the office based on the needs of the situation.

Stepping out of entertainment has drastically reduced these days, with people taking precaution to avoid crowded places, buyers will consider purchasing homes that are spacious, have open spaces, a large balcony and etc.

Similarly homebuyers will consider a house that can offer a host of amenities and facilities for the whole family within a township or nearby. Access to gyms, entertainment zones, health centres will be of primary focus.

Families, will consider keeping their kids close by. Buyers are looking for a house that is nearby a good and reputed school for their kids.

All this seems well and good. But is there a project like this in Chennai. Live. Work. Learn. Play. Commune. That’s our mantra at SPR CITY. Just 2km from Kilpauk, SPR City is home to luxury apartments at the Highliving District and luxury bungalows at Origine which are beautifully constructed homes that are well ventilated and spacious with stunning view of the city, Which also includes Market of India – India’s Largest Wholesale and Retail Trading Hub, The Shri Ram universal school, is Chennai’s best educational institution for your kids to learn and enjoy right in the township. With 75+ Joyous amenities there is something new for you to experience every day at SPR CITY.

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