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Why choose a duplex house rather than a flat?

When it comes to buying residential properties in Chennai, or any other urban city in India, there are a plethora of options available. Among the different types of living spaces out there, apartments and duplex houses are the most popular among home buyers. Many get confused between flats and duplex homes thinking they are the same thing. But they are not the same, they both are remarkably different from each other and offer different experiences to the homeowners. 

Understanding what duplex houses are:  

A duplex is a multi-family housing unit within a single building that can be configured in a variety of ways. This means you may see a wide range of interesting side-by-side or creatively stacked on top of each other combinations. Given that a duplex building houses two units, each has its own entrance, despite the fact that they are connected from the inside via stairs or simply doors. The size of the two housing units is usually the same. Duplex homes are not the same as twin homes because twin homes are half-a-home on each of their respective plots, whereas a duplex property is usually on a single plot. Duplexes can have either single or dual owners, indicating a shared interest in amenities and ownership. Duplex homes have evolved and there are various formats and styles. 

Duplex houses vs apartments – Why should you choose a duplex house over an apartment  

Whether you are looking for duplex houses for sale in Chennai or any other cities, one must truly know that duplex houses come with plenty of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:  

  1. Complete privacy:
    Chennai is a beautiful city where, along with the gorgeous temples, you can find different types of residential properties. Although, home buyers crave privacy which is hard to find in the city. It’s why real estate developers choose central localities such as Perambur to construct beautiful duplex houses. If you’re one seeking privacy for your family, then you should consider investing in duplex houses for sale in Perambur. These duplex houses are spacious and include world-class amenities and open spaces such as gardens or courtyards, which will give you a sense of comfort that no other residential property can provide. You and your family can enjoy complete privacy, living in a cocoon as well as being connected to the rest of the community.

  2. Easy on the pocket: 
    Many people think that investing in duplex houses will be expensive. In reality, if you invest in duplex houses in a good gated community, then it will not pinch you so much. Investing in duplex houses in a good neighbourhood will help you experience luxury that’s easy on your pocket too! You can check out the duplex houses for sale in Perambur in good, gated communities or integrated townships that give you a lavish lifestyle and are affordable as well! 

  3. Spacious: 
    Who doesn’t want a spacious home? Duplex houses are far more spacious than an apartment and if you buy a low-rise duplex home you will enjoy the spacious balconies. So, if you have a big family, you should consider buying a duplex home. While you can get 4 BHK apartments, nevertheless, a duplex home would be more spacious and affordable even with 3BHK. The advantage of the 2 levels is great, adds to the space & privacy. 

  4. Surrounded by green spaces: 
    Having your duplex home surrounded by lush green space will make you feel alive. Nature speaks to humans. It heals you – both physically and spiritually. Imagine bonding with your family over a picnic on a cool evening in a garden just outside your duplex home. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? An apartment could have green spaces outside, but there’s nothing like your own private garden for you to cherish. 

  5. Gives you a feeling of a bungalow: 
    Apartments provide an amazing view of the city skyline. You may even find an apartment that has spacious balconies, and basement parking, among other amenities. What it cannot give is the feeling of a bungalow. Duplex homes give you the feeling of living in a lavish bungalow that you won’t find in an apartment. The double-decker arrangement and the double living rooms give it the magical feel that bungalows offer.

  6. Provides high-end amenities: 
    By living in an apartment, you will have to share the amenities with the whole neighborhood. While this is good for your social skills, wouldn’t you like amenities that are available exclusively for you?  

Here is the list of amenities that you can exclusively enjoy in a duplex home:  

  • Private terraces: 

    Earlier, private terraces were used to grow potted plants or store old furniture. Today, you can do so much more! Host parties, make it your mini garden, use it as an outdoor space for your pets, or use it as a rejuvenating workspace. Duplex homes come with private terraces, and you can use them according to your needs and preferences. 

  • Private garden: 

    Gardening is a healthy habit that one should develop. People who garden tend to be more relaxed in comparison to those who do not. One thing gardening teaches you is the art of patience. You cannot rush in and garden, you need to handle the plants with care. Overall, a private garden also enhances the aesthetics of your home. 

  • Dedicated parking spaces: 

    Home buyers refuse to invest in properties if they do not have a parking space. Well, if you invest in duplex homes, you will get dedicated parking spaces.
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