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SPR Life At SPR Highliving

Everyone wishes for their life to be beautiful and loaded with goodness and health, which is more important for various factors to determine a healthy life. Of so many that have a say in it, one most important factor is the surroundings that we live in. Sunlight has immense powers to heal one’s body and keep it hail and healthy. The whole topic about health is because we at SPR Highliving take it seriously and have an entire township constructed based on the fact that healthy life is when you stay in a healthy space.

SPR highliving is the epitome of living a healthy green life. Having the right home is as important as having access to good food and water. Having a roof on your head is an assurance that you are safe and sound. This choice of having a house is what everyone dreams for no matter if they belong to this or recent past generation. And it is sure that the future generations too will wish for this. This dream of buying a house comes with many expectations, and we at SPR have taken that up as a project to give you the best home that you dream and deserve.

Welcome to SPR Highliving, a place where living with nature is a daily thing. Today in this blog, we will see the various reasons why you should consider buying your house at SPR Highliving. How is life at SPR Highliving? Let’s get some perspective.

SPR highliving is a new residential project that SPR is working on right now. Most people find it skeptical about moving into a new place and so we have put in our heart to make this project as of right as to give you an experience of “your home”, the moment you step in.

SPR Highliving is made to promote a green lifestyle. This means we give importance to living with nature. What is an added advantage is that you get to do this in luxury. The towers of SPR Highliving stands high with 36 storeys. Built alongside the international standards, the houses are constructed in a green way to ensure you get the best of a healthy lifestyle also making sure that there is no compromise on the quality of class and style in living style.

You can have many reasons to like a place or a new home that you are planning to buy. But if you still haven’t seen houses at SPR Highliving, here are some words that’ll take you to an imagination beyond to understand how life will be if you buy a home at SPR Highliving.

life at SPR Highliving

1. Green Lifestyle

The first and foremost to expect from SPR highliving is a green lifestyle. The construction is done such a way that the right amount of breeze and sunlight is welcomed. Terrace gardens and green plantations everywhere within the premises ensure there is clean air and a lush green environment always.

2. Space

One thing that should never be encouraged is cramped space. It can do so much harm to the body and mental health. Closed or cramped space can inflict a lot of negative thoughts. At SPR, we make sure to give space great importance. There houses with wide rooms and open ventilation and a fair amount of space for plants and other green practices. This makes your daily life healthier and better. You will love your home more than before.

3. Aesthetics

Aesthetics at SPR Highliving

Another most vital feature that we adhere to in SPR highliving, is the aesthetics. Status and class can make a person feel empowered, and we want to add to it by providing you with the best-designed houses. Our architects have put in a great effort in bringing out the best designs and making the whole township aesthetically pleasing. As a part of this, there are parks installed, walking spaces, yoga spaces, kids’ play area, and so much more.

4. Education

The Shri Ram Universal School - SPR Highliving
The Shri Ram Universal School – SPR Highliving

If you are worried about where to enroll your child after moving in here, there’s nothing that you have to worry about. One best thing about investing in a house in SPR is that the most prestigious Shri Ram Universal School is located right next to the premises. Give your child the best education and also be worry-free as the school is only a few minutes away.

5. Entertainment

List of Amenities You Can Expect While Buying Flats in Vepery - SPR Highliving
Luxury Amenities at SPR Highliving

If you are wondering about the kind of entertainment you will find in SPR Highliving, let us tell you that there are many. There are over 65+ amenities. But to make you aware of the best of many things here are a few items that are listed down here:

  • Art Centres
  • Cafeteria
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fencing
  • Conference Rooms
  • Library
  • Jogging lane
  • Walking space
  • Wrestling space
  • Sports club
  • Recreation Club
  • Spa
  • Nana-Nani Park
  • Swimming pool
  • Papad – pickle drying space
  • Kids’ play area
  • Meeting halls
  • Yoga Centres
  • Residential Office Space

These are just a few things but then there is so much more you can do besides these. One of the most vital things that we give more attention to here at SPR highliving is the opportunity to lead a happy, peaceful and free life. We believe that health is the greatest wealth that one can have, and so for that, the house that you live in should be instilled with all positive aspects that will promote a healthy lifestyle.

And that’s how we paint a picture to let you know how your life will be if you are investing in a property at SPR Highliving and stay here with your family. Welcome to a new beginning, a life that you will cherish from now on. Welcome to SPR Highliving.

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