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SPR India: Best Vastu colour for living room, bedroom and kitchen

Investments in living spaces are quite a huge deal as they are long-term investments. You will definitely read as many articles or blogs as you can, consult with your friends and ask for their suggestions, and look at different criteria like the location, appreciation value, amenities, and so on. Yet we often forget to check to see if the residences in which we are investing are Vastu-compliant.
Vastu compliant homes are constructed by following the principles of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is founded on the idea of using the five fundamental elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky to create a comfortable environment. Vastu principles used in design promote prosperity, vitality, wealth, and good health while creating a calm and enlightened environment at your home.
Vastu Shastra is relevant, and it has been in existence for a very long time. Vastu is a significant factor when buying or remodeling your home. Additionally, colors are just as important as directions. Vastu colours for your home are guaranteed to pique your attention if you are a true believer in Vastu, and the colours you choose each have a psychological impact on you.

What is the significance of Vastu colours?

Colours are powerful catalysts used in Vastu to enhance the energy of your home. When there is a balance of colours, you feel peaceful. However, if you walk into a dingy basement, you might feel scared because of the absence of any colour. Energy flow affects the quality of life, which is why it is important for you to choose the appropriate colour to cut off the negative energy. Energy is one of the major principles of Vastu, we can feel it even though we can’t see it, similar to gravity.

Which Vastu colour should you choose for your home?

Identifying the different Vastu colour schemes is hard and quite confusing. You want your home to be your safe haven. You want your home to have a positive environment leading you to be productive

Scroll down to discover the best colour schemes for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen:

Best Vastu colours for living room:

  • Icy-white:
    What a beautiful colour white is, isn’t it? Well, for a living room, white is the ideal Vastu colour. According to Vastu, the colour white stands for kindness, innocence, and purity. It’s a colour that can be employed without hesitation. Having your living room painted icy white will provide you with freedom and serenity.
  • Sky blue:
    One of the greatest Vastu colours for a living room is blue because it is such a lovely colour. The colour blue is associated with emotion, devotion, inspiration, and truth. According to Vastu, the colour blue is thought to relieve physical aches and have a calming impact on the body and psyche. You can kick away your blues by painting your living room in sky blue colour.
  • Bright green:
    The colour green is associated with peace, nature, and freshness. According to Vastu, it is a colour that represents growth, healing, and abundance. By painting your living room walls in a vibrant, eye-catching green, your energy levels will be high all day long.

Best Vastu colours for bedroom:

  • Creamy pink:
    Pink is the colour of love. The atmosphere in your living room can be made happier, more intimate, and more upbeat by using a gorgeous creamy pink colour. According to Vastu, pink is one of the ideal bedroom colours for couples. Pink accents might be added to your bedroom if you and your partner are not comfortable with having all of the walls painted pink. Consider using rose-gold metallic paint on your furniture, doorknobs, and window screens. Your bedroom’s colour scheme might be a priceless asset to help you create the ideal ambiance.
  • Pale yellow:
    By painting your living room pale yellow, the room will look brighter and much more alive! It is a fun and friendly colour and according to Vastu, it represents light and illumination.
  • Glamourous gold:
    Gold represents royalty, elegance and wealth. As we say the word “gold,” it’s worth increases. Your bedroom is also affected in the same way. Gold has a very optimistic and wise resonance. Additionally, adding gold hues can give your bedroom an attractive, wealthy appearance.

Best Vastu colours for kitchen:

  • Saffron orange:
    According to Vastu, orange is a great colour for your kitchen since it promotes optimism, which corresponds with the southeast-facing kitchen’s excellent orientation. Power and bravery are reflected by a saffron orange hue, while energy and stimulation are conveyed by a subtle brick orange hue.
  • Chocolate brown:
    According to Vastu, chocolate is not a common choice for a kitchen colour. However, a chocolate brown colour is ideal for a kitchen as it emanates warmth and contentment—emotions that a great kitchen will promote. Brown colours go nicely with a modern kitchen design and are ideal for giving you that extra push to cook amazing dishes.
  • Lime green:
    Consider green when selecting a color for your kitchen based on vastu. That’s because it symbolises harmony and hope. It also has a strong connection to nature, which is advantageous if you want to infuse your kitchen with a calming atmosphere. A kitchen island or other useful piece in green will also get you points with Feng Shui, which says the colour promotes healthy digestion.

You will inevitably be perplexed when it comes to selecting the right colour scheme for your living room walls or bedroom décor. Don’t let that stress you out, before planning on the colour design, combine the colours with a tonne of Vastu Shastra recommended hues. Pick hues that will enhance your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Choose the above colours to get the perfect Vastu colour combination for your home. If you’re looking for living spaces that permit elemental harmony as you search for the luxurious apartments in Chennai to find your dream home.


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