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10 Common Modern Interior Designs to Style Your Home

If you have acquired your dream home by investing in a villa or a luxury apartment in Chennai, you naturally tend to make your home’s interior as striking and dazzling as possible. There’s a little wonder in it. After all, it is an intelligent and captivating interior design that provides the soul to any building or space.

Not just from the perspective of appearance, your home’s interior design is instrumental in making space pleasant, more functional, and lively as well. The huge role played by interior design cannot be underestimated in the urban lifestyle. It introduces people to relaxation, modernism, and beauty, in addition to offering soul-stirring, livable space.

The 10 most popular and common interior design styles to transform your home

With numerous luxury flats for sale in Chennai, available, and a lot of urban dwellers investing in luxury flats, the need for beautifying residential condominiums has grown exponentially. It takes diligence and patience to pick the best fit for your apartment among the myriad unique design styles available.

The following are the 10 most preferred and popular Modern interior designs :

#1. Modern interior style

The term modern design typically refers to a home that has crisp, clean lines and a simple colour palette. Materials such as metal and glass are used in this style. This style employs a sense of simplicity in all the elements such as furniture. The modern design style is sleek and does not have much accessories or clutter.

Key attributes:

  • Ornament-free
  • Purposeful asymmetry
  • No chaos or clutter
  • Art, instead of accessories
  • Open floor plans

#2. Traditional interior style

Rich in classic details, equipped with sumptuous furnishings and sprinkled with abundant accessories. This is the design that has its roots in European sensibilities. This design involves dark, finished wood and a variety of textures and curved lines. A rich colour palette and ornate and elaborate fabrics and details, as well as a variety of patterns, are the mark of this design. 

Key attributes:

  • Elaborate wood paneling and moldings
  • Classic European decor
  • Intricate wood and tile floor patterns
  • Antique pieces and elegant furnishings

#3. Contemporary home decor

The two interior design styles that are used frequently in an interchangeable manner are modern and contemporary decors. Contemporary style differs from the modern style in the way it describes the design according to the here and now. It includes plenty of light, glass, and wood. With open spaces and at times, unusual layouts, contemporary designs provide more fluid patterns.

Key elements:

  • Use of natural light
  • Unusual layout
  • Open floor plans or open spaces
  • Lighting design created as an artistic statement

#4. Shabby chic design

This vintage-inspired style, compared with other styles, tends to be more soft, delicate, and feminine. Paints have antique-style finish, and the colour palettes include cream, pastels, and white. Furnishings appear to be aged and distressed, with an antique finish. Linen textiles, flimsy light fixtures, and wall hangings are prevalent.

Main attributes:

  • Pickled or whitewashed floors
  • Floral prints
  • Pale palettes
  • Vintage items and fabrics

#5. Industrial interior design

Resulting from the conversion of old warehouses and manufacturing units into residential buildings, the industrial décor includes old timber, dangling metal light fixtures, and high ceilings. A touch of rawness and unfinished appearance prevails in several elements.

Main elements:

  • Concrete flooring
  • Raw, unfinished appearance
  • Large sectionals
  • Vintage and old factory pieces put to use

#6. Mid-century modern style

It is a throwback of the mid-1900s style with a touch of minimalism. Mid-century modern has a distinct appearance with clean lines and is sparsely furnished. Rusty metals, plenty of wood, hues of greens and blues are common. It provides an antique retro look and helps a seamless transition from interior to exterior.

Main attributes:

  • Natural-shaped furniture
  • Crisp and simple lines
  • Simple fabrications
  • Fussy-free theme

#7. Scandinavian style

This design reflects the simplicity of life in the Nordic countries. Furniture feels like a work of art while being simple. All-white colour patterns and use of natural elements such as form-pressed wood, enamelled aluminium and steel are common characteristics. Natural lighting, functional furniture, and fewer accessories are the other characteristics.

Key attributes:

  • Large mirrors
  • Principles of symmetry
  • Predominantly white
  • Light wood flooring

#8. Transitional interior design

The transitional style borrows from both modern and traditional styles. Transitional décor displays a sense of balance that is appealing. It includes neutral colour palettes and creates a relaxed and calm space that presents sleek and stylish. The transitional design incorporates modern materials such as glass and steel, uniting them with plush furnishings.

Main elements:

  • Neutral colour palette
  • Limited accessories
  • Curved furnishings
  • Use of textural elements such as wood, glass, fabric, and metal

#9. Minimalist design

Modern design ideas are used in a simplified manner in the minimalist design style. Here, the colour palettes are airy and neutral. Furnishings are streamlined and straightforward. Minimalist décor involves nothing extravagant or excessive.

Key attributes:

  • Nothing flashy or glitzy
  • Use of black, white, and primary colours
  • Simple, unfussy, and low-key
  • Ultra-clean lines

#10. Rustic interior design style

Rustic style has evolved from natural inspiration. Unfinished and raw elements are used, such as stone and wood. Rustic design can be integrated with more modern accessories and furnishings. Several accessories used in the design consist of dramatic features and elaborate architectural details.

Main attributes:

  • Wooden flooring
  • Exposed stone wall
  • Reclaimed wood usage
  • Exposed ceiling beams

With several upcoming luxury apartment projects in Chennai, it has become essential to create a comfortable and relaxed environment in the apartments. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of the interior design of flats will help enable home buyers to style their homes at ease.


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