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Independent Bungalow or Luxury Apartment – What is the best option to pick?

The age-old debate of going for independent houses or apartments is never-ending, of course, there are certain pros and cons associated with each property. But the dynamics change when we are talking about individual bungalows and luxury apartments, as certain factors become the crucial points upon which the buyers are forced to make a decision.
In recent years the economic factors and a quickly paced lifestyle have destroyed the culture of independent houses in India. This coupled with the immense development of metropolitan cities resulted in a staggering increase in the cost of independent houses. Land prices have escalated in many cities, making the purchase of a site and the construction of a house almost impossible.
In this article, we will be discussing the various aspects associated with each of these properties and what should be your best option to pick.

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Why live in an independent bungalow?

Let’s take a look at the pros of living in a bungalow and why you should go for it:

#1. Independence and Privacy Guaranteed

With individual villas, there is more freedom for the residents to make their own decisions. There is the added benefit of extra rooms with more space. There is the element of complete independence, with no external disturbances. This is one factor which is attracting buyers to go for an individual bungalow. There won’t be any case of wandering eyes spying on your life.

#2. It could be altered based on your needs and necessities.

Independent bungalows have the advantage of space, which will give you the option to rebuild your place as per your tastes and your requirements. Alteration of independent houses is relatively easy compared to apartments as they won’t affect the neighboring houses. Apartments are rather rigid and could not be altered easily as per your wish. Compare this with bungalows, changes can be easily implemented as the layout of the house is simple and something which can be easily undertaken.

#3. Complete freedom to customize

Individual bungalows will offer you the freedom to customize their lawns and gardens as per your wish. You can customize your gardens and swimming pools according to the latest trends. Independent houses are better for those who are willing to throw house parties regularly. Entertaining your guests is easier when you have an extra yard, extra bedrooms and a lot of space in general. Pet lovers would be more comfortable in independent houses as they will have plenty of space for their dogs to stretch their legs.

Benefits of living in a luxury apartment

Luxury apartments do come with their own set of advantages. Let’s take a look:

#1. Easy to maintain and everything at your doorstep

Luxury apartments, on the other hand, are easy to maintain and doesn’t require much manpower to keep it clean. Aside from that apartments generally share the expenses in the overall maintenance of the apartment. You will get most of the essential things delivered at your doorstep, which is an added bonus in today’s fast World. Most of the gated communities have all the necessary amenities within the premises. This usually comes as a package that includes an all-inclusive gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball court, conference rooms, and even departmental stores.

#2. A heightened sense of security

Apartments offer superior security features as most of these gated communities are under constant surveillance from remote cameras. They also employ full-time security personnel who ensure that every visitor’s entry is recorded. The expenses are usually shared between all the residents. Some will even have their own backup power in the form of an inverter or a generator in case of an emergency shutdown.

#3. Excellent return on investment

The rental yield of apartments is generally high compared to a luxury bungalow, as there are more takers for an apartment, rather than a bungalow. People who are migrating often and people who are in transferable jobs would prefer to live an apartment as it would be easier to shift. Apartments are also located in prime spots of the city which will usually demand a rent based on the local rates. For example, a Rs. 1 crore worth apartment in Anna Nagar would fetch a rent of at least Rs. 4 lakh per annum, which sounds like a pretty good deal.

The verdict – Which is the best option to pick?

Despite the numerous benefits both villas and luxury apartments have, there is a fine line that separates these residential properties. It all comes down to your lifestyle choices and which residential housing suits you the best. If you love to be independent and free of any disturbance from your neighbors, you can go for an individual bungalow. If you are the sort of person who prefers the company of the neighbors and gives priority for security, it’s better to opt for a luxury apartment in a gated community.

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