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How to choose the best place to buy a house in Chennai?

Chennai is well-known for its rich cultural diversity. It is a flawless synthesis of art, architecture, dance, music, and drama. Its diverse cultures, traditions, cuisine, and festivals never fail to enchant its tourists and visitors. Furthermore, there are numerous IT parks, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, entertainment arenas, and solid infrastructure throughout the city. It’s even considered to be one of the safest cities to live in. The cost of living is low in comparison to other metropolitan cities across India. Therefore, Chennai proves to be a desirable place to live and raise your family. So why not make a home in this lovely city? 

Besides, being one of the safest cities, it also offers brilliant options to homebuyers with different kinds of living spaces. Perambur is easily one of the most popular areas with well-established living spaces and a thriving neighbourhood with many reputed schools, hospitals, and recreational activities.  

Why should you choose the best place to buy a house in Chennai? 

The word “home” means different things to different individuals, but at its heart, it means an oasis of comfort. Your home is so much more than four walls, it’s a safe cocoon for your family, a place to recharge your social battery, making you ready to tackle the outside world. It’s a place of wonder, for children to make mistakes and learn lessons. Therefore, when you buy your new home, it should be the best place for you and your family.  

How to choose the best place to buy a house in Chennai? 

When you go to a mall to buy new shoes. You look into many criteria such as the material, the brand, shoe size, the feel – is it comfortable, and alas, if it’s in your budget you buy it. Likewise, there are different factors you should research before choosing the best place to buy a house in Chennai:  

  1. Location: 
    First and foremost, consider the location. Next, choose between living in exclusivity and living in a community. Gated communities offer a far superior living experience for solo residents and families in today’s world. With close-knit neighbours to interact with, it feels like a whole new experience. 

    So, choose the location smartly. Perambur is one of the best areas in North Chennai to live in. Perambur is an important link connecting Chennai’s northern region to the rest of Greater Chennai. Perambur, Perambur Loco Works, and Perambur Carriage Works are the three train stations. You can go back and forth whenever and wherever you want. Perambur does not have a lot of gated communities, but Chennai’s largest integrated township is coming up there, making it a sought-after future destination.

  2. Connectivity
    It’s imperative that your home should be well-connected and accessible to reputable schools, hospitals, markets, departmental stores, and transport facilities so you can move back and forth whenever you want. There are many houses for sale in Perambur that offer amazing connectivity by road and rail. Apart from that, with Chennai’s largest integrated township coming up, everything will be within easy reach.

  3. Daily essentials within your reach: 
    The pandemic made us value gated communities and townships because of the comfort that residents can enjoy having their daily essentials within their reach. Your last-minute groceries, shopping, entertainment, or school can be within your reach if you live in a house nestled within an integrated township. 

  4. Safety is non-negotiable
    Even though, Chennai is one of the safest cities to live in. There’s no harm in taking extra precautions. Buying your house in a community that will ensure the utmost safety for your family. You can trust your friendly neighbours to look after your child when you’re at work. Additionally, surveillance from CCTV cameras in each corner and the installation of fire sprinklers will give you peace of mind. These days you can buy homes with a door video calling facility, thereby ensuring that your family is safe and sound.  

  5. Friendly neighbourhood:
    Children need a safe environment in to grow up. They need to be nurtured with care and love. This is why the place you choose to bring up your child is also important. Gated communities and townships encourage children to learn about communal living. It teaches them about different people, their culture and values, about sharing, learning social skills, and most importantly makes them feel safe. A friendly neighbourhood will help your child to learn the social skills needed and you can safely leave them unfettered to play or move around the community.

  6. Future developments and appreciation:
    Every homeowner would want their investment to get good appreciation. To get the appreciation you seek, it’s vital that you buy your new house in a fast-developing area such as Perambur. Perambur is highly liked by homeowners because it has beautiful residences & an integrated township like SPR City, thereby giving homeowners a chance to live a life of luxury; they also have India’s largest upcoming Wholesale & Retail Market –Market of India, just a few minutes away within their community. Property prices appreciate significantly as future projects are completed. So, having a home in the near future developments will not only make your life comfortable but also fetch you a higher rate of appreciation. 

  7. Amenities: 
    Quality of life is a goal of every homeowner and amenities are a means for you to achieve that. The human mind has conquered mountains and reached into space, and its immense power cannot be overstated. However, life in a metropolis is fast-paced and highly stressful, which can make you feel exhausted and burn out. Therefore, you should buy your home that offers amenities that help you to relax and can be extremely valuable. Amenities like a yoga & meditation room, spa & saloon, a mini theatre, a garden, and a card lounge, to name a few, can help you achieve peace of mind. 

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