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6 Essentials That You Should Be Checking Before Buying

Chennai’s real estate has really been booming in the past few years. Among the many factors that attract potential homebuyers to the city, is the relatively lower cost of living compared to the other metro cities in India. Each locality of Chennai comes with its unique benefits and amenities and has a significant bearing on the purchase of a property. There’s a market for every kind of real estate developer here, from budget flats to those who make luxury apartments in Chennai.

The Luxe Side

Parallel to the boom of the real estate sector in Chennai, there has been an increase in demand for apartments that provide a prestigious standard of living. New-age Chennaiites aren’t satisfied with just a roof over their heads. They want to live life large, with all the premium amenities situated nearby. If you look around, you’ll notice that a lot of gated communities are popping up in and around the city. These are sprawling properties spanning many acres and create a holistic environment for a truly premium lifestyle. If you look closer, you’ll see that these gated communities house the luxury flats in Chennai. They make a luxe lifestyle a little more wallet-friendly for the middle-class Chennaiite’s pocket.

The Current Scenario

As land is an essential yet finite commodity, more and more Chennai citizens are looking to buy their own apartment in the city before overpopulation kicks in. Like most other metro cities, Chennai is expanding in all directions to accommodate this demand. Areas like Porur and Perambur that were small suburbs have evolved to become in-demand residential areas, with top-class amenities. As the city expands, the number of options available to the homebuyers in Chennai is also rapidly multiplying. Every real estate developer in the city wants to put his luxury flats for sale in Chennai at the forefront, capturing the lion’s share of the market. Before we look at the essentials to consider before booking your apartment in Chennai, let’s take a look at what a quintessential Chennai luxury apartment has to offer.

– Round-the-clock security

– Recreational facilities

– Ample supply shops for provisions

– A good sense of community with an Apartment Association

– Solid support staff to address everyone’s concerns

– Homes with the latest infrastructure fittings

These are just a handful of the characteristics that are found in practically every luxury apartment in Chennai nowadays. Of course, there’s more to flat hunting than the amenities on offer, especially in a city like Chennai. It’s integral to the house-hunting process that you zero in on a property that offers you complete value-for-money with your new apartment. With that in mind, it’s essential to have a checklist of essentials when looking for the ideal apartment for you in Chennai, luxury or otherwise. First, we’ll look at the broad strokes before looking at the finer aspects of a Chennai house hunt.

First, let’s look at the land value aspect.

1. Locality: Budget or Luxury Apartment in Chennai?

Every neighborhood in Chennai has a specific value and prestige attached to it. It’s common knowledge to every Chennaiite that homes in T Nagar are objectively more valuable than those in the suburbs. This is because of the amenities and quality of life associated with each neighborhood in the city. If you’re scouting for apartments in a particular area, it is best if you ask around with the locals on the amenities available in the area, from recreation to the essentials. Know the worth of land in every neighborhood before you hear out the price of an apartment offered by a real estate developer. In a nutshell, know whether the area you’re scouting in is a basic or a high-end, luxury living neighborhood.

2. Facilities And Amenities On Offer

Living in luxury apartments in Chennai isn’t just about having a roof over your head anymore. Chennai is witnessing the growth of gated communities across its many neighborhoods, and they are here to stay. Having a residence in a sprawling apartment complex with ample space and greenery uplifts the standard of living, both for the city and for you. As for amenities, the more the merrier! The amenities on offer from most gated communities these days is diverse, ranging from gymnasiums to libraries and jogging tracks. Always enquire about the facilities and check if the promoter is delivering on every count.

3. Transport Connectivity

Chennai is a metro city that has always been renowned for its excellent connectivity options to get from point A to point B in the city. The MTC, the suburban railway network, and the metro rail seamlessly sync with each other to connect every nook and corner of the city. Chennai is a city where each area is known for being a hub for something. For example, Guindy is renowned for being an industrial as well as a transport hub for the city. Being well-connected makes everyday life much easier, speeding up your commutes. So, always check for the connectivity options available near the property.

4. Credentials and Paperwork

The city has a plethora of residential properties to choose from, ranging from budget to luxury flats for sale in ChennaiEvery developer in the city wants to stake their claim on a piece of land in the city, through residential property. Thankfully, agencies like CREDAI and RERA exist as a front to offer guarantees to potential homebuyers and offer a degree of accountability to the customers. Always ensure that all the paperwork is in order before you make the purchase. Choose a developer that provides transparency in terms of the specifications of their homes.

5. The Floor Aspect

Though this might sound insignificant, choosing the right floor to live on can have a huge impact on the standard of living in a coastal city like Chennai. The lower floors get a fair amount of sea breeze, but the mosquitoes are a perennial nuisance during the rainy season. On the other hand, the higher floors will be subjected to the searing summer heat.  Pick a floor that strides the middle ground, with no heat and humidity, for an ideal lifestyle.

6. Connect With Nature

As in any metropolitan city, Chennai is rapidly urbanizing and expanding. One of the underrated necessities of big city life is the need for greenery. Locking down on a home located near a park can provide you with a great outlet to unplug from the concrete jungle. Many gated communities come with sprawling gardens for the inhabitants to relax in. Pick a property that is either near to a park, or comes with a lush garden to unwind in.

In conclusion, when looking for luxury flats for sale in Chennai, look for these essentials in your new apartment. It’s a monumental step to take in life, so choose wisely!

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