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Benefits of living in an apartment with access to Sports facilities

A new shift is being witnessed that has inspired many industries and the property sector, as homebuyers are searching for amenities that can aid their new lifestyle. Apartment complexes and gated communities now offer services that couldn’t have been imagined before. Yoga areas, jogging tracks and swimming pools are outdated. We are now speaking about serious sports activities like cricket training, basketball court, tennis court, squash, wrestling and more.

Homebuyers are seeking these services not simply to be fit and healthy. The reasons are many, and builders apprehend that there is a completely new profile or type of homebuyers who think the absence of sports amenities to be a deal-breaker. These are mostly young, contemporary millennials who stand apart from the older generation due to many factors.

1. Stay Healthy: One of the benefits of living in an apartment with access to a sports facility is that fitness and health are now at arm’s length. People can get lazy as they have to travel to get to the gym or the sports facility. But SPR City provides you with all the facilities you need to stay fit and healthy, within the same township. Be it a yoga centre, swimming pool, badminton court or group exercise area. Name it and you will have it in SPR City.

2. No travel cost: Another benefit of having access to sports facilities in your apartment is that you can save that extra cost. The extra cost of travelling is saved. When you have everything, you want at a walkable distance it makes your life easier and you will feel glad to keep up your health, or simply find no excuses.

3. Benefits to the family: You will be charged separately for each family member when you enrol for a sports activity. But when you have everything in your place, that extra cost is also saved. And if it is from your apartment, your family doesn’t have to take upon separate registration costs as such. But more importantly, every member can find a meaningful game that interests and excites them. They can enjoy what they want actively, rather than be a spectator.

4. Sports for children: Your children will have a great opportunity to grow holistically, as everything that interests them in Sports will be available around their home. And parents can send their children without fear for their safety. And kids will get lots of time to practice and hone their skills close to their homes. At SPR City you have The Gary Kirsten Cricket India, a training facility which will be the best cricket training opportunity for your kid. Prakash Padukone sports management is the largest professional badminton service in India now at SPR City. There are a lot more options available.

5. Health booster & de-stressor: Having a sports facility nearby is a blessing, as it can help in improving the overall mental and physical well-being. Sports play an integral function in enhancing mental health as it helps in overcoming stress, depression, and nervousness whilst enhancing the quality of sleep and living standards. Once you witness & experience these aspects of Sports, they will assist you to be a happy, confident and energized human being.

6. Enhances Community Living: The spirit of sports is to unite and bring unity in diversity. Participating in group activities can help increase camaraderie among members of a community. Sports help build inclusivity and aid community members, both young and old to come together as a team. Further, tournaments & events will add to the spirit of sportsmanship.

SPR City offers some of the best Sports facilities in Chennai, apart from a premium lifestyle. All this is within the heart of the city, located at Perambur, just 2 Kms from Kilpauk. Experience a happy and healthy life at SPR City Chennai’s Largest Integrated Township. For a site visit call us at +91-7358111888 or visit

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