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List of amenities You Can Expect While Buying Flats in Vepery

Are you looking forward to buying a flat in Vepery? Check out the list of amenities you will likely get. The modern population demands more value for money. Amid hectic lifestyle and perpetually on the move, people in the contemporary world expect exclusive and personalized facilities in their residences.

The list of amenities required in apartments in metropolitan cities has undergone a sea change. The common facilities and features are giving way to exceptional amenities that are exclusive to luxury apartments in Chennai.

Exclusive amenities play a crucial role in increasing resident satisfaction and retention

Buying a home is undoubtedly a significant achievement in one’s life. The tendency to choose residential apartments with all comforts and reliable security is gaining increasing popularity among the people in metropolitan cities. There are several builders in the fray offering a wide range of residential units. Budget flats, as well as luxury apartments of different types and sizes, are available in the Indian cities today.

What distinguishes an apartment complex from the myriad apartment dwelling units is the exclusive and inspiring amenities provided. Such unique facilities have the potential to attract homebuyers and ensure satisfaction and high living standards.

Common amenities available in flats in Vepery, Chennai

1. Recreational Facilities

Most of the luxury flats in Chennai sport a variety of recreational facilities within the premises. This typically includes swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, and play area for kids. Residents are privileged to well-maintained recreational features.

2. Power Backup

In cities where the possibility of power outages looms, an apartment complex must be covered with sufficient power backup to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. Most flats in Chennai, especially those located in the power cut prone areas, offer power backup.

3. Continuous Water Supply

The once freely available and crucial resource of water has become precious today. Non-stop availability of water has changed from the basic necessity to a necessary luxury these days. Water scarcity has become a significant problem faced by metropolitan cities. Residential condominiums must provide clean and hygienic water to its residents.

4. Parking Space

A common and much-needed facility that tops the list of requirements is parking space. Several residential apartment complexes provide covered or uncovered car parking space that is monitored by surveillance cameras. Existing, as well as upcoming apartment projects in the Vepery locality, offer secure and convenient parking space.

5. Security Service

Residential units need basic security provisions round the clock. In most of the apartment societies in Chennai’s Vepery neighborhood, security is given priority. Security guards at the entrance and CCTV camera coverage are provided without fail, ensuring peace of mind for the residents.

6. Private Balconies

Balconies are a common feature provided in almost all the apartments constructed by modern builders. Serving multiple purposes, such as sitting relaxedly, drying clothes, and many more, balconies are essential in Chennai’s lifestyle.

7. Cross ventilation

Multi-story buildings are the order of the day. With the entry of skyscrapers that fulfill the demand for residential units in limited space, cross ventilation has become a priority. Cross ventilation has an influence on the physical as well as emotional health and well-being of the residents. Builders and designers understand this and the flats in Vepery have excellent lighting and ventilation.

8. Elevators

Space scarcity has resulted in several high-raise residential buildings coming up in the Vepery neighborhood of Chennai. Flats for sale in Vepery are equipped with sophisticated lifts with power backup

9. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring provides a better appearance and is the trend now. Wooden flooring is easy to maintain and proves suitable for all seasons. The preferred choice among modern users, hardwood flooring, has become a standard amenity in apartment blocks.

High-end apartment amenities that attract and retain millennial home buyers

  • Pet-Friendly Features: A large portion of the millennial population owns pets. Exclusive pet amenities such as pet spa and separate pet areas are provided in modern apartment complexes in Vepery.
  • Clothes-washer and dryers: Modern lifestyle and space constraints have given birth to stacked clothes-washer and dryers. The contemporary generation is willing to give up space for accommodating this. Upcoming projects in Vepery are adding this amenity.
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi: The Internet has become part and parcel of life today. Internet connection throughout the common areas is an essential facility in modern apartments in Chennai.
  • Fitness Facilities: In addition to healthy living, residents today demand trendy workout facilities for unwinding in their apartment complexes. Modern residential complexes in Vepery host fitness classes, yoga studio, and other health and fitness-related amenities for the young and old.
  • Sports and Games Zone: Tennis, Futsal, Badminton, and several other games and sports activities are offered to the residents in the sophisticated apartment projects in Chennai.
  • Lush-Plush Green Spaces: City-dwellers, mostly robbed of their time with nature, are thirsty for comfortable, beautifully landscaped areas with greenery. This offers solace from the hectic workday and helps rejuvenate. A serene atmosphere and lots of green space form part of the requirements in apartment blocks.
  • Lounge and Indoor Gaming Room: When hanging outdoors is rendered impossible due to seasonal variations, residents will naturally look for cozy indoor comfort for recreation. High-end apartments provide snug areas to play pool and board games and plush lounges to spend time in peace.
  • Rooftop Deck: Offering gorgeous views and doubling up as fantastic event spaces, the rooftop is playing an all-new role among the modern urban dwellers. Potluck and get-togethers on the roof are certainly a refreshing, revitalizing experience.
  • Electric Car-Charging Stations: Electric vehicles are going to take the world by the storm in a few years. Millennials are more environment-conscious. These facts drive home the point that any upcoming apartment project in cities must install car charging stations.
  • Hi-Tech Dishwashers: Helping save resources while enabling you to maintain dishes in spick and span condition, state-of-the-art dishwashers are a significant element in the list of requirements now.


Flats in Vepery offer unparalleled amenities that one will not find everywhere. Laundry, kitchen, recreation, fitness, environment – you name it, you will get it in the luxury apartment blocks in this popular neighborhood of Chennai.

The extensive amenities and facilities offered by the apartments in Vepery make this neighborhood matchless and attract the prospective, tasteful homebuyers in Chennai!

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