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Why should you buy an apartment in Chennai?

Chennai is a city known for its diverse culture. It displays a flawless fusion of art, architecture, dance, music, and drama. It never fails to enchant its tourists and visitors with its diverse cultures, traditions, cuisine, and festivals. Besides, you can find many IT parks, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, an entertainment arena, and solid infrastructure across the city. So why not settle down in this beautiful city?

One can find many living spaces in Chennai, yet living in an apartment will give you a better living experience. Perhaps you have started a new business or shop and you’re looking for residential apartments in Chennai or want to upgrade from your 2 BHK flat to a 3 BHK apartment then head down to Perambur or Kilpauk. These two are among the best areas in Chennai where you can get access to major trade markets, schools, hospitals, and entertainment facilities.

Let’s decode the reasons why you should buy apartments in Chennai:

  1. Close-knit community:
    After several lockdowns, people are embracing community friendships and shared experiences more than ever. Apartments inherently foster a stronger feeling of community. Moreover, apartments make it simpler to prevent feelings of social isolation. Rather, you’re more likely to forge meaningful friendships that last a lifetime. You’ll also find people of diverse cultures making it an excellent choice for you to live with your family.
  2. Security:
    Chennai is considered one of the safest cities for women in India, with extensive police patrolling. Residential projects provide great security features for your family. Security measures do not just involve CCTV cameras but rather well-lit corridors and fire extinguishers on all floors that can be used in case of a fire outbreak. In fact, security is one of the main decision criteria when people look for their dream homes.
  3. Ample parking space:
    Apartments provide you with ample parking space so that you do not have to look for available spaces to park your car every day. Besides, if you buy apartments in a gated community, they have a reserved parking facility for you to use.
  4. Improve work-life balance:
    With the lockdown, people had no choice but to work remotely. While it was a good solution, many people found it a hassle to balance their work life and personal lives. Apartments indeed improve your work-life balance with amenities such as a gym, sports clubs, and parks to use every time you feel stressed, and it will save you time as all these facilities will be a few steps away from your home.
  5. Appreciation:
    Investing in an apartment in Chennai will fetch you a higher appreciation provided it’s located in a prime location. In fact, buying an apartment under construction is much better because you can buy it at a low price and once it’s fully constructed you get a better ROI.
  6. Amenities:
    All apartments come with amenities that will give you a luxurious lifestyle. You can find it all, whether it is the basement parking space, elevator, or swimming pool.
  7. Clean air & open balconies:
    Chennai is high on the air quality index. So, perhaps you will like to start your day by sipping your hot cup of coffee while enjoying the serene scenery outside your balcony. Maybe you would love to create your own mini garden that will be your safe haven. While you can get a balcony in most apartments, balconies within gated communities offer a better view & surroundings.

There are numerous advantages to buying residential apartments in Chennai that will undoubtedly provide you with an out-of-this-world living experience. There are plenty of choices available, but choosing your ideal home is challenging because you’re not just buying a flat; you’re buying your dream home that will satisfy your desires. Even though it is challenging, you can make a sound decision by asking the right questions before you buy an apartment.

What factors should one consider to invest in living areas in Chennai?

  1. Location:
    Ideally, you should look for apartments that are in the heart of the city in localities such as Perambur. Living in Perambur means blending in with a diversified population of people from all over India. It is ideally situated on the fringes of the city centre and right in the middle of a significant industrial zone, just a few kilometers from Kilpauk, another city hub.
  2. Accessibility:
    It is an important factor; a higher level of accessibility will give you convenience as you will have markets, schools, universities, pharmacies, hospitals, and transportation facilities all near your home.
  3. Educational institutions:
    You should critically examine if the schools have a good curriculum that gives your child the best education along with extra-curricular activities and an excellent holistic development program.
  4. World-class amenities:
    To maintain your work-life balance or to simply live a luxurious lifestyle, look for an apartment that will offer you these amenities. Regardless of what you crave, whether it is an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor barbeque during the weekends, or a yoga centre to de-stress, you can reward yourself by choosing a flat that will offer you these world-class amenities.
  5. Business opportunities:
    In a metropolitan city such as Chennai, you waste a lot of time due to traffic while you commute. Having your apartment near your workplace will save you a lot of time, and you can be at peace knowing you will never be late to work.

If you want to invest in luxurious residences in Chennai then consider SPR City: Chennai’s largest integrated township, with its Highliving District towers that bring in a new world of luxury.

What are the available apartments at SPR City?


SPR City has currently completed its Highliving District.

  • Tower A: 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments
  • Tower B1 & B2: 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartments
  • Tower H: 4 BHK apartments that are Chennai’s tallest building, giving you an amazing view of the city skyline outside.

Why should you live in SPR City?

  • The Shri Ram Universal School: Children can enroll in TSUS, where they will receive an education from the CBSE Board using an international pedagogy that enables them to sharpen their talents by receiving the appropriate blend of academic and practical knowledge.
  • Market of India: You have India’s largest upcoming wholesale and retail market a few kilometers from major trade hubs such as Sowcarpet, Purasawalkam, Parrys etc.
  • 75+ joyous amenities: SPR City has 75+ Joyous amenities in store for you. Amongst them, here are a few specials:
    • Kid’s play zone
    • Hammock Lawn
    • Crèche- cum-Day Care
    • Library
    • Swimming pool
    • Vitamin D zone
    • Nana Nani Park
  • Sports clubs: SPR City has set up two sports academies, Gary Kristen Cricket India and Padukone Sports Management, aka Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, to provide professional training to aspiring children.

If these amenities sound exciting, then head over to SPR City, and experience luxury living with the magnificent Highliving District residential towers and world-class amenities to give you the best outdoor experience. Choose amongst SPR City’s -2BHK apartments, 3 BHK apartments and their very special 4 BHK premium apartments. To purchase, please go to or contact us.

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