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Tips to choose the right amenities while buying a home

Amenities play an important role in our lives. A sumptuous lifestyle – everyone wants to experience it. You feel a sense of self-accomplishment when you’re living the rich lifestyle that many people only dreamed of. Many, often, are always in pursuit of happiness and comfort. After all, who does not want to feel peaceful? The new generation of home buyers does not wish to just invest in a residential property based on its location or price. They like to dig deeper and evaluate the amenities offered by real estate developers. 

Understanding why amenities are important:  

In urban cities like Chennai, the growing stress level is leading to an increase in cases of anxiety. A survey conducted by Rakuten Insight in India in May 2022 states that 50% of respondents in the 24-34 age group felt more stressed or anxious during the past 12 months. In this fast-paced world, it’s hard to have a little personal space. Though it is hard, it is important that we spend some time every day unwinding and relaxing. Amenities play a huge role in making you feel relaxed and happy. 

Many Chennai residential projects include amenities such as an elevator, a power backup system, security, and a gymnasium. Amenities influence a home buyer’s decision, and developers use class-apart amenities to market their projects and attract buyers. But how can buyers decide which amenities are necessary and which are not? 

Firstly, decide the lifestyle you want to lead. Make a list and segregate the amenities into essential and luxurious categories. Make the list based on your budget, and scrap out the amenities that are avoidable. Make a list of amenities that are not only beneficial to you, but also to your family and, most importantly, that are future-oriented. For example, parents will choose a reputable school near their home as an essential amenity, whereas, for a bachelor, a gymnasium may be an essential amenity.  

Here are the tips on how to choose the right amenities while buying a home:  

  • Check the accessibility: 

    You can live in a luxurious mansion, but if there is no connectivity, it’s not fruitful. Buy your home in a well-connected area such as Perambur. You can find many houses for sale in Perambur offering excellent access to schools, colleges, hospitals, and public transportation via the railway stations & the upcoming metro stations. Also, the Madhavaram High Road, Perambur Main Road, Siruvallur Road, and Paper Mills Road are just a few of the well-known routes that run through the area. Further, the central railway station is within a few kilometers. 

  • Research the reputed schools and educational institutions: 

    As parents, you want to provide the best education for your child. Therefore, ensuring that there are good, reputable schools and institutions where your children will not only gain academic knowledge but also be encouraged to discover their talents through extracurricular activities near your new home is a must. Indeed, giving your child a holistic development. Imagine having a school near your home. You don’t have to personally drive to drop your children at school. They can just walk to their school and get the best education. 

  • Choose a safe neighbourhood: 

    Living in a safe neighbourhood will enable you to sleep like a baby with no worries, as you will know that your family is safe. Almost all new flats for sale in Perambur, Chennai, provide surveillance through CCTV cameras. Additionally, the installation of fire sprinklers is also necessary in case of fire breakouts. Security is a must-have amenity that all home buyers seek to have in their new home, and technology has enabled residents to have a video door call facility, if needed, thus ensuring efficient safety for your family when you’re away at work. 

  • Opt for green spaces:

    Green spaces help you to be healthy, but in urban cities, it is hard to find them, which is why you should opt to live in a home surrounded by lush green spaces. Green space has been linked to a slew of health benefits, including longer life expectancy, fewer mental health issues, lower cardiovascular disease, better cognitive functioning in children and the elderly, and healthier babies. It also reduces air pollution, heat, and noise levels, as well as providing opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. Green space appears to benefit children. One study found that children who attended a school with more green space had significantly better cognitive functioning than those who attended a school with less green space, while another study discovered that early childhood exposure to green space leads to fewer mental health problems in adulthood. 

  • Check the sports facilities: 

    Humans need physical activity. After all, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Constant work is going to make you feel burned out and stressed. Indulging in your favourite game of sport can make you feel fresh and energetic. Additionally, it’s an amazing way for your children to get disciplined in life. So, look for various sporting activities and arenas.  

  • Healthcare should be accessible: 

    You need to think about the long-term benefits of buying a home. It’s also advisable to buy a home in a locality that has easy access to hospitals and healthcare facilities. The presence of a hospital near your home is necessary. You’ll feel peaceful knowing that you can immediately get medical care when needed for your loved ones. 

  • Choice of entertainment:

    Allotting time in your busy schedule for entertainment is important. Children are curious by nature, and keeping them engaged in the same activity is hard. They tend to get bored of following the same routine every day. This is why you should also check the entertainment facilities, such as a movie theatre, clubhouse, virtual gaming, and so on, near your new home.  

  • A fit lifestyle is essential:

    Often, home buyers research only the fitness amenities provided in their new home like the gymnasium. They do not check the wellness amenities. Your mental health is equally important as your physical health. Wellness amenities such as spas & saloons, yoga & meditation centre will help you to de-stress and make you feel rejuvenated.  

  • Shopping malls:

    Chennai’s traffic is becoming increasingly congested. Having a shopping mall near your home will save you time from traveling far and being stuck in traffic. It’s also convenient, as you can get anything you want within walking distance. 

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