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Things to look for that affect the quality of life in a new house

Hearing about someone’s life experiences is fascinating. It’s the memories you have that stay till the end of time. The younger generation prefers to live in the moment, and they make efforts to achieve a better lifestyle.

Today’s youth believe in the quality of life. They eagerly want to seek it, and their quality of life is determined by the tales told by their grandparents, a snippet from a lifestyle magazine, their dreams, and their peers. It’s quite natural for a human to have desires. For example, when your friend invites you to play a game of snooker in their clubhouse. You get this burning desire to find a home with a better clubhouse offering better amenities.

So, if you’re yearning for a better lifestyle, be it for yourself or your family, then choose a new home that can provide you with the lifestyle that you seek.

Here are the things you should look for in your new home that affects your quality of life:


The location of your new home matters a lot. When you decide to buy a new home, you do it with the intention of living there for a long period of time. Just imagine, if your new home has schools & colleges nearby for your kids to walk on their own. Department stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, and other essentials that you would require. That’s where location plays a major role in determining your quality of life. In a city like Chennai, often people move & reside in gated communities & townships in Perambur as they find it to be an excellent choice. The experience of living in these gated communities and townships is precious& you won’t find it anywhere else. As these communities & townships are usually built in popular areas such as Perambur. This guarantees that there is accessibility as well as peace. The new flats at Perambur built in the township are beautifully designed ensuring your home is spacious and an opulent clubhouse provides amenities for all ages. When you buy your home in a community or township, your quality of life is going to be much better. Gated communities and townships provide amazing amenities such as swimming pools, squash courts, snooker, a kid’s play area, & so much more. Hence, if you want a good quality of life, you won’t find it anywhere better than these gated communities & townships.

Layout and size:

The layout & size of your home affects your life. Even if you have a small home, it’s possible to make it look spacious. Wondering how? By planning the layout carefully, you can get more space, making your small home look spacious. On the other hand, you will not have to worry & compromise on buying furniture if you buy a spacious home. You could have a work/study room, pooja room, mini bar, home theatre, or whatever you wish to have.

Natural light:

Who doesn’t like waking up to sunshine? This way, you would never feel irritated about waking up early, as you get to experience nature at its best. Mental health is of such dire importance that people often neglect it. Buy a home that has sufficient balconies or windows so there is good ventilation. A well-ventilated home ensures there is more oxygen, and it removes all bad odour. Natural light can make your home look spacious. That’s the main beauty of natural light, which is why most people prefer spacious, airy homes with amazing access to natural light.

Outdoor space:

Outdoor spaces add a fun element to your life. Have breakfast on the patio outside or drink tea on your balcony, or perhaps your little ones play in a doll house in your backyard. It all feels lovely, doesn’t it? Outdoor spaces have become an integral part of society. Without it a home feels incomplete. That’s why many real estate developers plan & design their projects in popular areas like Perambur in such a manner that residents get abundant outdoor spaces. So, when you look at a house for sale in Perambur you will be mesmerized by the exciting outdoor spaces you’ll get.

A serene environment:

The drawback of living in metropolitan cities is the pollution from heavy traffic and noise pollution that goes along with it. Luckily, many communities in Perambur stress making their community a car-free zone. Since these gated communities are in Perambur, you’re away from the city buzz yet have good connectivity. These projects are planned with a harmony of beautiful architecture, top-notch facilities, and sufficient green landscapes. So, when you’re looking for new flats at Perambur make sure it’s a car-free zone.

Maintenace required:

The older your home is; the more maintenance it will require. Consider the age of the building before you buy your new home. Preferably, buy a newly constructed home so there will be only minimal maintenance required. Another mindset of home buyers is that they settle for something less as soon as they learn about the maintenance cost. Luckily, many new flats at Perambur that are built in gated communities offer good amenities and the best part is that the maintenance cost is affordable.


Your quality of life is mainly determined by the amenities available in your neighborhood. These days, real estate developers are working on many new projects in Perambur. They are building massive gated communities and integrated townships. The planning of these projects is simply brilliant. Home buyers can get spacious homes, ample parking space, security, the best schools & colleges, hospitals, clubhouses offering recreational activities, and so much more! There is no restriction, you can lead a high-quality life. A research study stated that amenities contribute to a better quality of life. So, if you’re looking for a house for sale in Perambur make sure they provide the amenities that you desire.

Without any doubt, your quality of life is a necessary aspect to consider before you buy your new home. SPR India is the perfect choice for you to buy your new home. SPR India’s flagship project, SPR City is the epitome of luxury living. From mesmerizing high-rise apartments to majestic bungalows to spacious villaments, to comfortable duplexes, and world-class amenities, you get everything and more than what you desire. So, when you buy a house for sale in Perambur, choose SPR City because the one living in SPR City experiences the best outdoor life, especially with amenities such as hammock lawn, toddler’s park, futsal court, nana nani park, yoga & meditation centre, and renowned sports academies such as Gary Kristen Cricket Academy & Padukone Sports Management, a.k.a Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy. It’s a beautiful place to live and lead the lifestyle you wish for. To know more, visit

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