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The Madras Bungalows- Chennai’s most desired bungalows in Purasawalkam, Chennai.

Living in a bungalow gives you the personal satisfaction of owning a huge space. Owning a bungalow is an enriching experience but what if you could own a bungalow along with ample exciting amenities?

In the city of Chennai, SPR India has built a name for itself as a leader in high-end living and luxury living. By completing several prestigious projects, they have raised the bar for urban living and provided their valued customers and homeowners with the highest possible standard of living. When you purchase a house at SPR City , you open a world of fresh opportunities that improve your life in every way. One such opportunity is their premium, luxurious bungalow collection, known as ‘The Madras Bungalows’.

What’s the idea behind ‘The Madras Bungalows’ collection?

  1. Live in a 4 BHK bungalow with a 5-acre living room
    In a metropolitan city like Chennai, it’s become very hard to find spacious bungalows. Most people desire to live luxuriantly. There’s been a rapid lifestyle change. People desire their homes to have good aesthetics as well as spacious rooms. It’s become a social status to own a grandiose bungalow. SPR India understands the desires of the people and has introduced ‘The Madras Bungalows’ Collection. In ‘The Madras Bungalows’ collection, you can buy 5/4 BHK bungalows that come with over 5 acres of outdoor space.
  2. Upgrade your lifestyle
    These majestic bungalows reside on acres of green, designed for outdoor living. With playgrounds and an alluring green, lush-filled backyard to drink your daily evening tea. Your outdoor experience will be enriching.
  3. No car zone
    For your safety, all vehicles are banned. Be assured that you can peacefully live on this 5-acre lot with no vehicular noise, and you can let your children walk and play freely.
  4. Special design
    Besides the grandiose designs, you’ll get to have your oxygen bubble, which comes with

    • A private garden is a place for you to put your gardening skills to use.
    • Six balconies to enjoy the view while you drink your morning tea.
    • Large terrace for hosting a party with your friends.
  5. The focus zone
    • Puja room: Whatever religion you practice, you can meditate and have your daily prayers in this puja room. You can personalize it however you want.
    • Study room: Your children can have a secluded room to focus on their studies.
    • Office: If you prefer to work from home, you can set up your office.
  6. Grand Kitchen
    You can be a master chef, cherishing the experience of cooking in a large kitchen designed according to your preferences, or simply a space for the family to come together and enjoy the warmth of home.
  7. Outdoor life
    Taking part in ample outdoor activities will make your guests jealous.

    • Open Library: There’s no better feeling than reading outside on a sunny day with the breeze tingling your skin. You can get lost in the world of reading just outside your abode.
    • Meditation Cave: Spend your mornings in the meditation cave just a doorstep away.
    • Sit by the wall: You can sit by the wall, listen to music, and enjoy the serenity that you won’t find anywhere else.
    • The gathering square: Gather around with your friends and family, host parties, and more.
    • Fountain: You’ll have a fountain to have your evening conversations with your friends or simply admire in silence.
    • Walking trail: Have some “me time” walking barefoot on the grassy trail.
    • Backyard garden: Spending quality time outside in the beautiful backyard garden will make you feel refreshed after a long, stressful day.
  8. Privacy
    It’s hard to find bungalows that offer you privacy with amenities. Living here at ‘The Madras Bungalows’ collection will give you the privacy that you seek. While you may be disconnected from the daily bustle of the city, you’ll still be connected with the outside world and major trade hubs.
  9. Clubhouse
    Cherish the exclusive clubhouse facilities and also enjoy what is available at SPR City:

    • Swimming pool: Take a mini-vacation at one of the swimming pools located just a few steps from your home.
    • Yoga room: Doing yoga with your friends could be therapeutic.
    • Gym: Go to the gym whenever you want.
    • Banquet: Use the air-conditioned banquet halls to host birthday parties, office parties, and other events.
    • Badminton court: Spend your evening with your siblings or friends playing badminton.
    • Basketball: You can also play basketball to burn off the calories you consumed while eating pizza.
    • SPA rooms: In your spare time, pamper yourself with SPA services.
    • Table tennis: You also have the option of playing table tennis in case you are not a fan of outdoor sports.

One can truly experience the outdoor life with SPR India’s ‘The Madras Bungalows’ you will have an enriching experience that will truly satisfy your desires. You may have envisioned your desired home to be in a certain way, and ‘The Madras Bungalows” will surpass all your expectations.

If you’re looking for the most desired bungalows in Chennai, then head down to SPR India’s “The Madras Bungalow” and experience life at its best.

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