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The Best Vastu Tips for a New Home

Vastu Shastra, or Vastu as it is more often known, is a 5000-year-old science. Vastu recommendations for the home are said to provide tranquillity and prosperity to the people who reside there. For new homes, the ‘science of construction’, also known as Vastu Shastra, provides Vastu suggestions for health and positive energy. 

5 Vastu Shastra tips for a new home 

  • Vastu-compliant entrance 

According to Vastu Shastra for a new home, your home’s main door should be facing north, east, or northeast. Its purpose is to guarantee that the maximum amount of energy enters your home. When you step out of the room, you should face north, east, or northeast. According to Vastu, the entryway is a doorway to triumph and advancement in life. 

  • Colors for health 

Certain colors have the capacity to absorb bad vibes or energy and thereby alleviate negativity. A chrome yellow hue and a brilliant orange are the few colors among them. Use these tips if you have an area that consistently appears messy despite your best efforts to clean it up. Try using these colors on those messy walls in specific spaces, or place candles, flowers, and towels there in these colors. 

  • Positive energy in the home: Make sure there is regular circulation. 

As per Vastu Shastra, a new home needs to have adequate air circulation within the house. There should be plenty of natural light. If this is not feasible, ensure that the inside of the home is brightly lit. As per Vastu Shastra’s tips for a new home, leave all the windows open for at least 2–3 hours each day. Light a Diya near a water supply in your home in the evenings.  

  • The Kitchen in a new home 

The southeast corner of the kitchen is said to be an ideal place. According to Vastu Shastra color guidelines, paint the southeast corner in bright colors to stimulate the fire components. Avoid tones of red and black and instead choose yellow, pink, peach, or brown. Make sure that the gas burner or stove is facing southeast. The sink or washbasin should be facing north-east, while the jars with spices and grains should be facing south or west.  

  • Pleasant energy in the bedroom  

The most personal area for relaxation and refreshment is the bedroom. The bed should be positioned to the south or west. In this manner, when you sleep, your legs will be towards the north or east, giving you a better night’s sleep. This also contributes to improved mental health. This is linked back to the earth’s magnetic field.  

The colors recommended for the walls of the bedroom are red, pink, orange, white, and brown. Warmth, ambition, peace, and stability are all qualities that foster prosperity in the bedroom. It’s best not to put your bed in front of a window. The windows should be on the northern or eastern walls, according to Vastu Shastra, for beneficial energy to reside in the house.  

All apartments at SPR City are designed based on Vastu Shastra for new homes and ensure the well-being of the homeowners. So, you can buy a home at SPR City and be assured that it is Vastu compliant. 

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