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10 Best Features Exclusive to SPR City

Selecting a new home is an adventure in itself. Hundreds of aspects have to considered to narrow down on a dream home. But when luxury is the point of discussion, most of the people limit themselves to a home at about 20th floor, a park nearby, in-built gym and a swimming pool and a few facilities here and there.

SPR City, Chennai’s largest integrated township, is here to change the definition of luxury. With its 45-floor Tower H underway, it is all set to become Chennai’s highest tower offering some exclusive features.

Here are 10 Best Features Exclusive to SPR City

#1. SPR City Mall:

SPR Mall - SPR Highliving

Probably the most striking feature of the township is the SPR City Mall. This architectural beauty will be the center of attraction not just within the boundaries of the project, but in the whole of Chennai. The mall is set to be a new landmark in North Chennai and is spread over 1.5 million sq. ft. Some of the highly popular brands that are already on board to be set up inside the mall are Lifestyle, Max, PVR Cinemas, Westside and many more. You may have options to buy an apartment near a mall, but a mall within the same gates as your apartments is definitely a luxury that cannot be found anywhere else.

#2. The Shri Ram Universal School:

The Shri Ram Universal School

One of the very popular school chains of the nation, the TSUS, with schools across various cities in India, is all geared up to open their doors within the SPR city. In association with the SPR Group, The Shri Ram Universal School is on a mission to equip students with a high-quality education.

The school is designed to provide its students creative freedom, relaxation of mind, and encourage physical activity at the same time. And to cater to these needs, the school is equipped with wide green areas, study rooms, and shaded outdoor seating. The school will follow the teaching practices of The Shri Ram School, hence ensuring a well-balanced education system.

#3. Providing a Healthy Lifestyle:

Providing a Healthy Lifestyle

While ensuring luxury, SPR City did not compromise on the health aspect of its inhabitants. In fact, the class of healthy amenities further raises the bar of luxury. The conveniences that people can benefit out of in the SPR city include:

A Gymnasium: A well-equipped Gym for the members to workout.

Yoga Zone: A relaxing and a comfortable Yoga Zone to refresh your mind and body every morning.

Private garden: A 4.5-acre private garden, the largest of its kind, is right within the township making it perfect for those morning walks and weekend picnics.

Vitamin D Zone: There’s a special women-only Vitamin D zone with complete privacy to help soak up the sun.

#4. Exclusive Amenities:

Amenities in SPR Highliving

At SPR, everyone’s needs are taken care of by providing personalized amenities which are an experience in themselves. Kids, women, men or senior citizens, there is something for everyone. Apart from that, SPR City has covered all the bases by providing exactly what would be required in an Indian household. Some exclusive amenities you would find here are:

Park for senior citizens: Nana-NaniPark at SPR city is designed to provide comfort and security to all the senior residents. This is done by providing a calm, green and serene ambiencethey would love to be surrounded with.

Papad and pickle drying Zones: Forget putting out your wet clothes and your super tasty pickles out to dry in the same area, because at SPR city, we have separate zones to dry your pickles and crunchy papads.

Exclusive Swimming Pool for Women: SPR City boasts about swimming pools exclusively for women.

#5. Designed for sports enthusiasts:

Designed for sports enthusiasts

Due to hectic work schedules and lack of access to open spaces, it is only natural to forget the importance of incorporating physical activity in your day-to-day routine. At SPR City, it’s a different story altogether! There is a Sports Club to test your abilities and separate spaces for kabaddi, wrestling, fencing, swimming, etc – all within a minute’s walk from your home. Add this to the list of things that will help you stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle.

#6.Best View of Chennai’s Skyline:

Tallest Building of Chennai

You can’t get a better view of Chennai than from Tower-H,the tallest tower in the city. Standing tall at 45 floors, you can be sure that the view of the Chennai skyline, which you experience will be one of a kind. The calming sunrise or the glorious sunset; you won’t be able to find a better viewing point to take in these breathtaking scenes

#7. Business destination next door

Market of India - SPR Highliving

SPR City is home to India’s largest wholesale market which includes over 5000+ shops and offices. The market of India is a first-of-its-kind wholesale center offering world-class facilities, that is all set to transform into a global trade destination once it commences operations. This means you get the opportunity to run your business or work right next to your home.

#8. Well-designed homes:

Well designed Homes - SPR Highliving

SPR City is a prodigy of urban architecture and luxurious design. Each and every corner of each home is detailed beyond comparison and planned to

perfection.Spacious living area, bedrooms, dining hall, balcony, and kitchen is designed for ultimate comfort. And not just the homes, but the lobby, corridors, and each and every aspect of the tower are themed to offer its residents the luxury life they’ve been dreaming of.

#9. The most easily accessible landmark:

Situated in the northern region of Chennai, SPR City is quite easily accessible from anywhere around the city. Within its 5 km radius, you would find 3 of the most important railway stations of Chennai:

  1. Chennai Central (4.8 km)
  2. Egmore Railway Station (4.2 km)
  3. Perambur Railway Station (1.2 km)

And the inter-city travel is now too convenient through various upcoming metros just a minute away from the residences such as:

  1. Perambur Metro
  2. Pattalam Metro
  3. Otteri Metro

Along with various bus stations, this is bound to be the next big central hub of Chennai.

#10. Stand out of the Crowd:

SPR City offers a breathtaking experience in itself, and only a selected few will get the chance to be a part of it. It is a sprawling masterpiece whose theme revolves around the culture and colors of our nation and is designed to bring us back to our roots. Owning a home in this landmark gives you a chance to stand out of the crowd and live the lifestyle that you exclusively chose to witness.

With all this and a ton of more features slowly surfacing, this is one place where you should be purchasing a home in right now. So, tell us, which feature intrigued you the most?

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