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SPR Highliving’s Luxury Bungalows at Chennai

Are you someone who looks for pride and class in something that you buy? Buying a house and making it a home is the most crucial aspect for anyone in life. While for some, it is a one-time experience, others can buy multiple houses. When the former is the case, then buyers become extra cautious while selecting their home. This is because they put their whole life’s hard-earned money into it. Buying a house is not simple. There are so many aspects to consider while buying it.

If your answer to the question in the first sentence is yes, then you are in the right place. One thing while buying a house is to not compromise on the essential dreams you carry to buy it. Ventilation, choice of colours, accessibility in the place, size of the house, and the other technicalities.

SPR Highliving brings you the essence of luxury, the state-of-the-art architecture right here in Chennai. Relish the beauty of bespoke bungalows in three different series with a unique design and reason behind each of the creations.

Why SPR Highliving


SPR Highliving is trusted by many and all that our buyers could tell us after their experience is that they had seamless and smart expertise in buying a house with SPR. SPR Highliving stands for integrity and an unbreakable vow of quality that makes it the prime reason why people collaborate with us. SPR Highliving makes the best-in-class houses. Besides luxury bungalows, we also have luxury apartments and a complete project dedicated to green living. We believe that living in large spaces will help you in having better insights into things that make your life beautiful and better.


If there is one thing that we do not compromise at SPR Highliving, is the space. Yes, unlike most residential projects that aim at cost-cutting and utilizing minimum space to create houses, we make sure to use every square foot to bring you comfort and luxury. Having spacious homes is extremely important as this will, in turn, help in healthy living. We have all our bungalows designed this way. We aim to provide the maximum benefit to you for the money you spend by trusting us. Bigger spaces mean more immense happiness and better insight into living in your house. Bigger spaces welcome sunlight and ventilation and a new perspective on things.


Our luxury bungalows in Porur are situated in one of the budding and gleaming locations in Chennai city. With everything in easy accessibility, we constructed our projects, making sure it brings to you not just luxury but also comfort.

Style and class

Our luxury bungalows go in the motive of keeping up with style and grace. We understand why you choose us for your investment in a home, and we do all our best from our end in keeping up the trust. Style and class are what determines your status in society, and we understand this well.

Luxury Bungalows in Chennai by SPR Highliving

Experience the world-class luxury and ultra-exclusivity with SPR Highliving Luxury Collection. Bungalows, filaments, and presidential apartments are waiting for you to step in and experience the exquisite beauty that it holds. Every bungalow is crafted with the utmost care and extreme precision to bring to you the best in class. These luxury bungalows are situated in the most happening part of the town. With a fusion of modern and traditional concepts, SPR Highliving has created a timeless beauty that is – Luxury Bungalows.

Here’s all you need to know about it:

Our luxury bespoke bungalows are crafted with a reason and it comes in three series, each with their own luxury and standards. Presenting to you our luxury bungalows name Affluence series, Buckingham series, and Carnatic series. Would you like to know more about these Luxury Bespoke Bungalows? Keep reading.

1. Affluence Series

It is a collection of ultra-luxury bungalows that questions the ordinary. The incentive and precision are worth commendable, and this makes it an iconic choice of investment. If you are looking for a distinctive place for you and your loved ones, then this is what you should pick.

The Affluence series is located in SPR City, Chennai. It is developed in a massive space of 6 acres. Each bungalow is independent and has three floors, excluding the count for a ground floor. Affluence series has a total of 15 units, and the variations come in 5BHK bungalows.

2. Buckingham Series

The Buckingham Series carries a royal essence of its own. These bungalows are the standard for class and everlasting beauty. Here’s where we want you to build lasting memories and be with your family for generations to come. These ultra-luxury bungalows are exclusive and extraordinary in design as our architectures have put in their heart and soul in its making.

The Buckingham Series is situated in SPR City, Chennai. It is developed in 6 acres and is an independent bungalow. Each bungalow has two floors beside the ground floor. There are 30 units and a variation of 4BHK bungalows.

3. Carnatic Series

It’s important to remember your roots – Your home place. SPR Highliving’s Luxury Bespoke Bungalow series is designed with the same thing in mind. This series of houses are more than just four walls bound with luxury. The rich heritage of south India influences it.

What you can expect from the Carnatic series is the developed area of around 6 acres and houses with gardens. Terrace bungalows are the specialty under this series and have two floors in total including the ground floor. These are designed especially for minimalists. There are around 40 units, each with a variation of 3BHK bungalows.

Luxury bungalows by SPR Highliving are a class of its own. It breaks trends and sets a new one. We want you to be a part of this trend-setting homestay space.

When are you planning to make one of these yours? Let us know which bungalow series is intriguing and fascinating.

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