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Importance of open spaces in residential projects

India is witnessing an upsurge in the demand for residential apartments in well-developed townships due to the challenges, that ever-increasing urbanization is setting on the quality of living in the cramped city areas and suburbs. With various improvements being implemented in the field of real estate over the years, ample open area still is a critical factor for any residential apartment, particularly in urban cities. 

Here are some reasons, why open spaces around living communities are important:

  • Facilitates social interaction 

We frequently desire to stay in a dwelling that fosters healthier social interactions. Within a residential apartment, you will revel in regular social gatherings that will provide you with the feeling of neighborhood living. You can indulge in conversations, have a gala time and be a tremendous host. After all, Human beings are social animals. 

  • Enhances healthy living 

Whether it is the open areas with lush green parks for running & cycling, tennis courts or different play areas, all provide a host of fitness benefits. As a domestic home buyer, you have to look for a residential apartment with most services that promote appropriate health. If open areas such as parks and playgrounds are nearby, the urge to indulge in physical activity will come easily. 

  • Pollution-free atmosphere 

Residential apartments with open areas regularly have trees and plants that supply shade, decrease noise pollution, and enhance the air quality. The green areas in your apartment complex will create a soothing environment, not like the concrete jungles you frequently witness in cities. It will compel you to look ahead to returning home from work & enjoy your weekend at home. 

  • Pet-friendly spaces 

Open area allows you to interact with more activities, whether or not you want to do them at home or outdoors. Open areas around residential apartments inspire humans to indulge in running, gardening, jogging, taking walks and more around the house. People with pets benefit the most from giant open spaces. Animals enjoy space as freedom & a home with access to large open areas is ideal for your furry friends. 

  • Engaging and safe for kids 

The open area develops a child’s emotional, physical and social wants whilst contributing to their wholistic growth. The open space design is frequently sought after by people who want to buy a house. Structures with green covers where kids can spend time close to nature & can play around freely & safely is a dream come true

  • Adds beauty to the community 

Greenery and water bodies are designed to enhance the beauty of the building & making your environment and air around you clean. It also improves your standard of living. Therefore, open areas supply the residents with a sense of protection and make them comfortable in the surroundings they stay in. 

Residential apartments or flats that have access to open ventilation and possibly face green open spaces are in the highest demand today. A residential apartment with more open spaces or recreational amenities also enjoys higher property values than other residential apartments or flats. At SPR City, Chennai’s largest integrated township with 4.5-acre green spaces, 1 Lakh+ plants & trees, 75+ joyous amenities, you can enjoy a really open & free lifestyle here.  

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