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How to make the most of your balcony garden?

Balconies have been in existence for a very long time. Initially, in ancient Greece, balconies were built to allow cool air to enter the building. Therefore, the purpose of balconies back in the day was functionality. It served a very functional yet important purpose. Since that day, balconies have evolved and served different purposes for different people. There are endless ways for you to use your balconies; one of the most popular ways that residents in apartments have been using their balconies is to garden.

Balcony gardens serve the purpose of providing fresh air, adding aesthetics to your home, providing an extra room for you to use & so much more. There are also different ways you can turn your balconies into heavenly gardens. The possibilities are endless and, ultimately, it’s your identity that determines how you design your balcony garden.

What are the different ways to plan & design balcony gardens?

Depending on the size and space available, you can decide how you want to design & use your balcony garden. Remember what you desire from using this heavenly space, and then decide on how you are going to decorate it. Following are some of the ways people have been decorating & using their balcony gardens:

1. Wooden rack pots:
People who like to connect with nature and want their balcony to have an earthy feel usually make use of wooden racks that are attached vertically to the walls. On these racks, you can place the different plants in colourful ceramic pots. Ceramic pots have a wide range of textures, from earthy to glazed. These are not heavy, so the wooden racks will be able to hold the weight. These ceramic pots are also affordable and are less likely to break due to weather conditions. In Chennai, the most common plants you could grow are:

  • Curry leaf plants
  • Tulsi / Basil
  • Jade
  • Alo vera
  • Marigold
  • Money plant

It’s your personal choice which plants you want to grow, but these plants are the best as they can survive Chennai’s weather conditions.

2. Hanging plants:
Nowadays, people have been suspending plants on walls, fences, and roofs with the help of ropes and twigs. By doing this, you save a lot of ground space. You can use ceramic pots and keep different sculptures or a table and chair to enjoy the view. You can start your mornings by drinking tea, watering the plants, reading, and ending your day admiring the stars. You could also place a telescope on your balcony if you have an affinity for celestial bodies.

3. Plant walls:
Another trend that people have been following is planting green walls. This allows you to have ample floor space. These plants can add character to your humble abode. Mostly, long-living plants that have shallow roots or viny plants like ferns and ivy are best suited. However, you don’t have to limit it to only these plants. The choices are endless, so you choose what suits your lifestyle the best. In the available floor space, you can keep a marble table where you can play chess, host tea parties, or do anything you want to. The marble table will add enthralling beauty to your balcony garden.

4. Contemporary garden:
A contemporary balcony garden looks beautiful in its own way. Unlike other designs, a contemporary balcony garden looks minimalist. You won’t find many green-filled plants, but rather cleaner floor space. With this ample space, you can place a hammock chair and use lovely lighting that serves as your very own version of a lantern festival. This is a perfect setting for you to spend the night with your loved ones. For a contemporary balcony garden, you could use wall plants or small flower pots that require low maintenance. Contemporary balcony gardens also give a better view for you to take selfies with your friends or play the guitar when you’re inspired.

5. Meditation oasis:
Certain people like to meditate or practice mindfulness first thing in the morning. Instead of doing these activities in an enclosed room, you can do it in an open space! Practicing mindfulness surrounded by nature and feeling it is a totally different experience. You could hang the colourful flower pots on the railing. Use granite or marble flooring so that when you meditate, it feels like you’re in a forest. For a much better experience, you could make use of a Buddha sculpture fountain. The sound of the water flowing will awaken your senses, and you’ll be able to meditate better. Honestly, it’s your decision how you design your little meditation oasis.

At the end of the day, the way you design your balcony garden reflects your personality and what you are interested in. So, it’s alright if you take your time and design your balcony garden. To design a balcony garden, you need to ensure it is spacious so that your design is not limited by the space. There are several luxury apartments for sale in Chennai that provide spacious balconies, but one cannot deny the gorgeous balconies that SPR City offers. SPR India’s flagship project, SPR City, is Chennai’s largest integrated township. This township nestled in Perambur offers a serene environment, and SPR City provides the best outdoor life experience to those living in this community. The gorgeous high-rise apartments at SPR City, i.e., Highliving District Towers, are beautifully built. These apartments come with spacious balconies, making them perfect for you to design & decorate your balcony garden. SPR City is a serene community that can support your lifestyle, and you will find world-class amenities, unlike anything you have ever seen before. To know more, visit

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