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How to identify your independent dream bungalows in Chennai?

“Home isn’t a place. It’s a feeling. You want your home to be your comfort zone. It is a safety blanket for your family. It can be arduous to choose your perfect abode. An abode: that matches your preferences and style. An abode: that fulfils your perspective of luxury.” Real estate is booming in every corner of India, but the demand for apartments and independent bungalows in Chennai is the highest. Consequently, real estate developers develop vast plots of land to build independent bungalows to catch up with the huge demand.

In a metropolitan city like Chennai, SPR India has established itself as a pioneer in high-end and luxurious living. They  have raised the bar for urban living by completing large-scale projects and giving their cherished clients and homeowners the finest standard of  life. By choosing SPR City to buy your dream home, you unlock a universe of new possibilities that will enhance your life in every way.

Scroll down below to read the criteria you should consider to identify your dream abode:

1. Set up your budget

You need to think of a realistic budget before you go on a house search. You should keep in mind all the factors when you picture an estimated amount in your head.

Home Loans
You can take a home loan from any financial institution or bank of your choice. They provide flexible home loan schemes. However, you will have to take into consideration the amount of EMI that you will have to pay along with the interest.

Additional expenses
Besides accounting for the cost of the independent bungalow, you will also have to account for additional expenses. Additional expenses such as property tax, registration fees, brokerage fees, insurance, mover’s and packers’ fees are the general additional expenses that you have to account for.

Maintenance cost
The cost of maintenance will vary depending on where your bungalow is located. You should take maintenance costs into consideration while setting up the budget.

Renovation cost
The renovation cost for a newly constructed bungalow will be zilch in comparison to the old bungalows. That’s the reason why you should buy newly constructed independent bungalows, apart from the maintenance cost also being lower.


If your objective is to live in an upscale society with easy access to surrounding shopping areas, markets, schools, colleges, and parks, or if you want top-class amenities, you should look for independent bungalows in gated communities or townships.


You might have an image of what your dream home should be. Wooden floors, your home theatre, or maybe those cute green fences where you’ll spend most of your time gardening. Whatever your lifestyle is, it can be achievable. You will want a bigger independent bungalow if you have a big family or a simple, comfy bungalow if you have a small family.

4.Modern or Historical?

The choice between existing old-construction or new-construction bungalows has to be decided by you. If you want your home to have a historical character, go for old construction. However, while it has its allure, these are hard to come by and come at a high price. But if you want a larger living space with a modern design, then go for a new construction bungalow. There has been a trend in Chennai of wanting comfy homes that have strong WIFI connections and are Vaastu compliant. The majority of modern construction is Vaastu compliant. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

5.Fresh environment

Living in an urban area means being exposed to pollution from vehicles and activities. There’s been a trend of people wanting private gardens, spacious outdoor gardens where they can get their fresh air. If you’re looking for a bungalow, make sure there is good ventilation so you don’t feel stuffy.

6.More Exclusivity

Purchasing a bungalow is undoubtedly a smart idea if you want to enjoy exclusivity and be free from your neighbours’ routines. You can have your “Me Time” frequently in a garden in a natural setting. Living in a bungalow is probably appealing to you if you value your privacy a lot. Your social position rises as a result of living in a bungalow, and your friends, co-workers, and family value you highly. You can find premium independent bungalows in Chennai located in townships that offer exclusivity and provide centralized amenities to make life easier for the residents.

7.Plan for the future

Buying a house is equivalent to being in a long-term relationship. Keep an open mind. Your requirements today may change tomorrow. You may be a single person wishing for your own space. You may get married and have a family tomorrow. So, your needs for a single room may change into three rooms with a spacious living room and a kitchen to cook in. There is probably even a garden with a play area for you to spend quality time with your children. Don’t restrict yourself to the present and plan for the future.

Finding a home is easy. Identifying your dream home is not so easy. Define your goals, make a checklist and verify these seven criteria before investing. Get in touch with realtors who have expert knowledge of the premium areas. If you’re looking for a premium independent bungalow in Chennai, visit

SPR City  is Chennai’s largest integrated Township and is home to The Madras Bungalows, luxurious bungalows, and duplex homes that are the right balance between modern and historical architecture. What’s more, it is located at Perambur Barracks Road, Purasawalkam, and just 2 km from Kilpauk. So, head over now and identify your dream  duplex home or independent bungalows  in Chennai at SPR City and enjoy some privileges designed exclusively for you.

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