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High-Rise vs Low-Rise Apartments: Pros and Cons

The concept of apartment living has become popular among the people. This residential living style is appreciated by many people because the price fits your pocket, the space fits your family’s needs, the location fits your requirements, and most of all you get to live your desired lifestyle. The floor you live on also boosts your social prestige. If you’re someone who hates heights, you’d choose the ground floor. If you want to have a clear view of the skyline, you’d choose the top floor of the apartment. Thus, there’s always a reason why you might choose to live on a particular floor, and that could be one of the deciding factors in a home purchase.   

About apartment living:  

Apartment living is perfect because one gets to enjoy life and live their dreams. From great amenities to hassle-free maintenance, you eventually live your dream life and get to be a part of a community. Isn’t that amazing?   

There’s no disputing the fact that apartment living is an excellent choice and it’s the best & easiest choice to make. The only major choice you will have to make is whether you want to live in a high rise or low-rise building.   

About high rise and low-rise apartments:   

A high-rise building is any structure that stands more than 75 feet tall. According to the law, high-rise residences must have a minimum of 4 stories and a maximum height of 40–50 stories. Many high-rise apartments are found in luxurious neighbourhoods or townships. On the other hand, a low-rise apartment is typically 4 storeys tall.    

Understanding the benefits of high-rise apartments:  

      1. Breathtaking view:  

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits of living in a high-rise is the breathtaking view. This is especially true in cities with breathtaking views of the city, the sea, nature etc. . The higher your floor, the better the view. From a price point, the apartments in the top-most storeys are usually priced higher because of their view and the privacy they offer.   

      2. Serene environment:  

Having an apartment in a high-rise building allows you to escape the city’s bustle. If you don’t enjoy the commotion and pollution of that big metropolis, a high-rise apartment can be your sweet escape. While some people prefer the fast-paced city life where you’re constantly on the go, a high-rise apartment offers a safe setting where you can relax and take a break from the busy world, but within the city.   

      3. Luxury:  

High-rise apartments are usually known for their mesmerising views, but little do people know that the quality of construction in high rise buildings is usually higher due to the technology that goes into building such a structure Besides this the natural lighting and air circulation, in high rise apartments give the residents a spacious feeling. The penthouse which is the topmost floor of a high-rise apartment provides luxury & comfort to home buyers who seek it.   

      4. Privacy:   

Everyone likes privacy. You could seek privacy to spend time with your loved one or because you want to work in peace. Whatever your reason could be to seek privacy, living in a high rise apartment provides the best privacy. These high rise apartments, being tall, offer exclusivity, as there will be peering eyes through the windows.   

      5. World-class amenities:   

High-rise apartments offer top-notch amenities, something that cannot be overlooked. Most high rise apartments nestled within a gated community or township provide world-class amenities so that you can have easy access to the top-notch facilities and be happy to use them whenever you want to..   

Understanding the benefits of low rise apartments:   

      1. Closer to the streets:  

A low-rise apartment is closer to the streets so you can walk down to do your errands whenever you want.   

      2. Elder-friendly:   

These apartments are maximum 4 storeys tall which means there will be less climbing for elders and easy access in case of any emergencies  

      3. Small community:   

If you live in a low rise apartment, you will usually belong to a small community. Every member will know you well.   

      4. Located in busy residential areas:  

These apartments are mostly nestled in busy residential neighbourhoods. This may add time to your commute.   

      5. Maintenance cost:  

The maintenance cost is a tad bit  lower than high-rise, but so will the amenities and lifestyle be  

High rise or low rise apartment: Which is better?   

Both have their own set of benefits. The question is, “What are you looking for in your new home?” If you want a luxury lifestyle and tranquility, choose a high rise apartment. High rise apartments are also reasonably priced, so you do not have to worry about  pricing while investing in a high rise apartment.    

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About the tallest residential tower in Chennai:   

Tower H is the crown jewel of SPR City Apartments standing tall at 162.5m tall with 45 floors of opulence. It’s the tallest building in Chennai with an elevator running at the speed of 3.5m/s. But that’s not all, the Tower H – the tallest residential building at SPR City has the following perks that make it so special:  

  • Spacious living room  
  • Multiple large balconies  
  • Enhanced security  
  • High speed elevators  
  • Large Skydeck  

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