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Gruhapravesam Tips for Your New Home

What is the meaning of Gruha Pravesam? 

A Gruha Pravesh ceremony, also known as gruhapravesam or the housewarming ritual, is a Hindu puja ceremony conducted when one first enters a new home to purify the atmosphere and safeguard the property from evil energy. 

5 Gruha Pravesh tips for your new home

1. Vastu has five components 

According to Vastu Shastra, the sun, fire, water, earth, and wind are the five elements that make up the home. Vastu strives for a harmonious balance of these aspects in order to bring wealth and happiness into homes. We pray to the Gods accountable for these five elements, to achieve harmony and balance during the Gruha Pravesh Puja. Enter the house with your entire family as the priest chants mantras and holds a copper kalash filled with water and nine different grains, a coin, and a coconut above it. Start with your right foot. 

2.Choose a good muhurat 

Gruha Pravesh should ideally be done on a good Muhurat day. Diwali and Dussehra are auspicious festivals and are considered ideal days. Some days, like Saturday and rainy days, are not recommended for moving into a new house. You can check the best Griha Pravesh Muhurat days online or consult a priest to select the right day for your Gruha Pravesh muhurat. 

3.Clean & purify the new home 

Before the Gruha Pravesh puja, thoroughly clean the home. To cleanse and sanitize the space, mop the floor with salt water. You can also use a solution made of salt, lime juice, and white vinegar to clean your home. With the burning of plants and wood, the havan performed during the gruha pravesh puja in your new home purifies the space and cleanses the surroundings. 

4.Decorate your home 

The main door, also known as Simha Dwara and the face of the Vastu Purush, should be embellished for Gruha Pravesh. You can decorate the door using mango leaves and fresh flowers. A swastika, Go-Padma rangoli, lotus, or other spiritual signs should be present on both ends. 

 5.The floor is covered in rangoli

Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, is welcomed with a rangoli. The decision is yours whether to make it classic with rice flour or colorful with rangoli colors. But, it is a small way to welcome wealth and prosperity home. Rangolis on the floor are used to summon the goddess Lakshmi’s home. 

Gruha Pravesam is a ritual done before starting to live in a new home. Taking the first step into your home with your right foot is regarded as extremely lucky. During the entire procedure, do not move any furniture in the house. 

For the first three days following the Gruha Pravesam, do not leave your house empty, don’t leave any inside doors and windows unsecured, and do not fasten your main entry. 

We all want to live a happy and productive life in our homes, full of good energy. If this is the case, make room in your home for God and spirituality. Live a blissfully tranquil life. 

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