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The Benefits of Having a School in a Gated Community

We live in an ever-evolving world, where it’s essential to stay a step ahead of the times to be successful. Everywhere we look, life is becoming smarter and accessing new dimensions. The real estate sector is no exception to this rapid modernization. People are no longer settling for just a roof over their heads. If you take a walk around town, chances are you’ll come across sprawling gated communities. If you’re in Chennai, chances are you will come across flats in Perambur and even other suburbs! Urbanization truly is the order of the day in India’s metro cities. Let’s explore the Benefits of Having a School in a Gated Community. 

A Closer Look

Let’s take a minute to pay one of these gated communities a visit. Among the first things, you’ll notice the security infrastructure.

  • CCTV cameras and security guards patrol the grounds regularly, for complete security.
  • There is an abundance of greenery in the premises, for a natural connection.
  • Recreational areas are set up here and there, for the residents’ entertainment.
  • There is an in-campus supermarket further to improve the quality of life in the gated community.

All these aspects are fairly commonplace across the board in most townships nowadays. How, then, can new townships set themselves apart from the crowd? By diversifying their portfolio of amenities. It’s simple math. If there are better amenities on offer for prospective residents, the greater the chance of them booking a property of their own!

The Family Angle

In recent times, real estate developers have been targeting families and promoting their brands based on that perspective. From a business perspective, this makes perfect sense. Family residents act as a good image booster for the brand and its properties, conveying an idea of quality homes offering a holistic lifestyle for all. A family-centric approach directly targets their core demographic of house-hunters: couples and families. So whether it’s flats for sale in Perambur or anywhere else in and around the city, families are bound to want to invest in quality real estate!

Above and Beyond Value

Since regular amenities have become fairly cookie-cutter these days, real estate developers across the country have gone back to the drawing board in terms of property value addition. In recent times, property developers have experimented with different facilities being launched with their new properties. Collectively, this has increased the standard of luxury living in cities across the board. Some of the amenities that were tentatively launched in new properties of late are:

  • Shopping complexes within the premises
  • Sprawling libraries
  • Dedicated sports centres
  • Senior citizen recreation

Some developers have even gone the extra mile and offer shuttle services from the property to popular locations nearby. The competition gets stiffer with every new property that comes up on the block. What can be done to stand apart from the crowd? At SPR, we have to ace up our sleeve to address this surge in demand.

Top-notch Onsite Education

As part of the SPR group, The Shri Ram Universal School is a gem in our collection, offering modern education to shape the leaders of tomorrow. The school is part of a national network of schools that are geared toward the common goal of imparting a higher standard of education to young minds. In terms of unique features and facilities, here’s what The Shri Ram School has to offer:

  • CBSE curriculum to impart contemporary quality education.
  • Individual approach to nurture each student’s skill sets.
  • Emphasis on extracurricular activities for all-round child development.
  • State-of-the-art campus with specially curated facilities.
  • Quality education for students in the age range of KG to Class 6.

The Shri Ram Universal School at SPR City is an ideal pick for families with flats in Perambur who are looking to get their kids admission into a prime school in the area. What good could come of a school in a gated community, you ask? We’ll shed some light on the matter for you.

Cool for School

Thanks to the presence of the Shri Ram Universal School in the premises, SPR City gains that much more value in the eyes of prospective homebuyers.

  • Firstly, the school itself is a big draw for potential house hunters. Inversely, those who invest in SPR City can also rest easy when it comes to education for their kids. This mutually beneficial partnership is a solid core for success.


  • As mentioned before, married couples with children form a sizable chunk of the house hunter demographic. Having a school on the premises is a big plus for them. It saves them a lot of time in pinpointing a suitable school around their new house, while also taking commuting distance into account.


  • From the children’s perspective, the presence of a school consolidates their social life and gives them a sense of security. They get to grow and develop connections in a holistic environment that balances both their school as well as home life.


  • The children’s parents also have easy access to the school and its infrastructure. This is crucial for the parents to stay in touch with how their ward is faring at the school. Parent-teacher meetings and school gatherings become accessible to schedule when the school is a part of the gated community.


  • The hustle and bustle of finding an ideal commuting option are non-existent. Not only is this lighter on your wallet, but it also guarantees you peace of mind in knowing that your children are safe!


  • You get to interact closely with parents of other wards in the school. This is a significant step in building a strong sense of community within the school as well as the gated township. By networking with one another, the parent site of the school community can coordinate much easier with the school when it comes to their queries!


As you can see, there is a world of benefit to having a top-notch school inside the gated community premises. The Shri Ram Universal School is the icing on the SPR City cake in the eyes of prospective homebuyers looking for flats for sale in Perambur. The school guarantees that every student at SPR City gets the best tools and knowledge to become a leader in the future! Experience life at SPR City today.

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