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When in doubt; be Unique

The literal meaning of the word unique is “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else”. It can still mean a lot more in a different context. It gives the object an identity, something to distinguish from others. But the question is, how unique can something be and what exclusivity can someone provide?

While many builders try to create products which are exclusive. But they mostly forget to create the experience of exclusivity. The question we need to ask ourselves is, where we choose to live in, is a sophisticated living space? If the living space is to the modern standard? Is this a healthy lifestyle? The reason for the importance of asking these questions is because our home plays a vital role in our life’s style. Only a healthy surrounding can help lead a healthy life.

We believe that exclusivity need not necessarily be a fancy word but rather something that everyone should experience. Having said that, we always plan, execute and deliver our project focusing on the customers need and their expectations.

A project which gives the residents a pride of owning their home as one of the tallest residential apartment of its time in North Chennai. The apartment and the temple stand as a landmark in terms of social and spiritual life for many and still has a majestic view from anywhere around the place.

Whether it’s a view of the city, or lush green and or a place for a Zen living, home is always the ultimate destination. One must seek to live a quiet life in the city with a relaxed BODY MIND and SOUL. With the idea of bringing peace and harmony within oneself, a house should be designed in such a way, the occupants live the life of a king with facilities that pamper them each day, like concierge services, spa, infinity pool etc.

Integrated towns are the modern way of living, with all necessities available within. The project content may be a shopping mart, clinic, temple or even a school. A place where modernity meets tradition in its own style. While giving you the breathtaking view of the city from the 45th floor it still holds on to the traditional design concept. The traditional South India house used to have an inside courtyard commonly known as “Mutram”. A private, yet an open space secluded from unwanted eyes.

Keeping this traditional concept in mind, we have designed our apartment with an open courtyard space with the modern automated system to open and close the same whenever needed.

The way we grew up and how our children are growing up is very different. A clean and safe environment is hard to find nowadays. Population and pollution have increased so drastically, and with technology taking too much space in our life, we spend minimal time outside of our homes. It is understandable to question where to find a pollution-free locality suitable for kids, adults and seniors alike. But you can find your dream home in the midst of an organic garden, all-natural environment and clean surroundings with 42 multilevel gardens, in Porur, Chennai. An infinity pool to give a breathtaking view of the city and lake. A home that is a dream for many, that could become a reality for you.

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