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Things you need to know before you buy your first home or apartment in Chennai

You’ve waited a long time to buy your new home. You have finally landed that promotion that you’ve been trying so hard to achieve. You’re happy that you do not have to set aside a sum of money from your salary to pay the lump-sum, monthly rent. You’re all set to buy your new home. Now, you’re in a bit of a fix. Thousands of questions are popping into your mind. You’re feeling overwhelmed, but don’t let that burst your happy bubble.

Choosing a new home can be quite nerve-wrecking, but just like a first-time baker can ace baking a cake by following the recipe, you can do it too by following a checklist before you buy a new home.

Scroll down to read about the things you should consider before you buy your first home or apartment in Chennai.

1.Type of residence

The first and foremost decision you have to take before buying your new home is what kind of residence you desire. People have plenty of options available today. You can choose from 2/3 BHK apartments or duplexes . Once, you have decided what kind of residence you want. You should explore options of living in a gated community or in a township. A gated community would provide you with safety and a feeling of belonging so you should definitely think about choosing your home in a gated community.

2.Decide your budget

You need to mentally prepare yourself for the amount of money you can invest and the availability of financing options and repayments. Your budget should be realistic. Whatever amount of money you have mentally decided should be achievable.


The location of your home will matter a lot. Your choice of location reflects your choice of neighborhood as well. In layman’s terms, you are not just choosing a home, you’re choosing your neighborhood as well, and that will determine the quality of your life. Every individual has different needs. It’s your choice if you want to live in an area that offers exclusivity or if you want to be a part of a community that offers engaging amenities for you and your family to enjoy.

4.Good resale value

You should choose properties that have a good resale value. Appreciation is the main concern for people when they think of investing in real estate, especially first-time home buyers. You should buy your home in a location that will fetch you a high appreciation rate.

5.Long-term plan

Don’t just think about the first three years’ goals while buying your home. Your new home should be flexible to meet your long-term goals. Your needs today will change tomorrow. Always plan ahead of time before purchasing your first home.


Choose a home that will match your lifestyle. You may have a vision of what your ideal house would look like. Hardwood floors, a private garden, or perhaps a swimming pool to relax in after a long, stressful day. Maybe it’s the larger kitchen space you desire. Whatever your desires may be, you should choose them accordingly.


Most residences come with many amenities to engage and entertain the homeowners. Residences that offer amenities are really good for you to spend quality time with your family.

If you consider the above factors, you’ll surely be able to understand your needs and make the right choice when it comes to buying your first home. SPR City, Chennai’s Largest Integrated Township, offers all of the above and more. So head down to SPR City, and choose your new home today.

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