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Style Your Home with These Simple DIY Ideas

Many people believe that decorating your home is an expensive affair and most of them refrain from it.  Also, people have a perception that only luxury homes need styling. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to know that even on a budget you can create a home that looks straight out of a luxury magazine. 

#1. Include moulding to induce the Royal look

If you have completely bare and empty walls, consider adding moulding to the chair rails or even the ceilings. It need not be gaudy exactly, even a simple Victorian style engraving on the wall can do wonders.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home - SPRHighliving

#2. Pick up a new design of towels

Get rid of your old dingy bath towels. Especially, the ones with stains and discolouration. This will take away the look of your place and make it seem dank and dirty. Instead,you can get those crisp white fluffy towels. This will make your place look fancy like in a luxury hotel or spa. Your guests will feel more comfortable and it will trigger a luxurious feeling in your place.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home - SPRHighliving

 #3. Chuck out the old pillows and bring in the new

Throw pillows or mini pillows are enough to brighten the room. Swap out your worn-out pillows for brighter and more fluffier ones. And don’t forget to get vibrant pillow covers. It’s better to mix and match colours and textures. Having many pillows will make the room feel very comfy for your guests.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home

#4. Create an illusion of a higher ceiling

If you have a low ceiling or if you are unable to increase your roof, you might just consider raising your window treatments. Raising your window panels will create the illusion of height and give your home a much grander look. While not exactly a DIY idea, this is often underrated and many of them overlook the impact it makes in your home. Another way to do this is by simply adding complimentary fabrics to your existing panels.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home

#5. Fill up those empty walls with DIY art

From ordinary family portraits to literally any form of art, wall paintings can ramp up the look of your place instantly. But before you start with the process, make sure you figure out where everything has to be placed and which is the proper way to hang it. Always ensure that the art you are selecting is of the right size and fits the scale of the wall. Also, remember you don’t need to have an artwork for every empty wall. If you want your home to be unique, it’s better to create an inexpensive artwork on your own.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home

#6. Use your bookshelves for not just books

Bookshelves in traditional ways serve the main purpose of shelving your books. But if you mix it with framed photos, toys and statues, it would make it look more interesting. Vintage shelves are a great way to showcase your books and your priceless ornaments. You can even keep plants to make your home look more luxurious.

Style your home with these simple DIY Idea

#7. Increase the visual space by adding a mirror

If you are having serious space constraints, then you can add mirrors to make the space seem larger. Placing large mirrors in the appropriate places will reflect the room back, making it look even more spacious.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home

#8.  Add area rugs and carpets to your living rooms

Carpets and area rugs will transform your living room. They will help in grounding furniture and would add more depth to your home. However, it’s recommended that most of the furniture is seated on your carpet or at least touching a portion of the rug.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home

#9. Stick to neutral coloured walls

Having trouble in choosing the best colour? Then it’s better to go for neutral colours. Go for colours such as grey, beige and yellow. This will make your home feel fresh as well as trendy. One of the advantages of these colours is that they will simply pair well with anything.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home

#10. Illuminate your living room with natural light

Natural lighting is very important for your home. Don’t close your windows during the day time and always allow natural light to enter your homes. If done correctly, natural light will bring attention to certain areas in your home.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home

#11. Pick up basic bedding

Many people often have this misconception that deep-hued satins would be the key to an expensive-looking bedding set. Nevertheless, if you keep it simple, it will make the room seem bigger since the bed takes up so much space. Also, remember that white colours are better at handling hotter temperatures.

simple DIY Ideas to Style your home

Hope these ideas work wonders for your home. If you have any interesting ideas, please do share it with us in the comments below.

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