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Moving to Vepery? Here are 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Living Here

Vepery is a busy neighbourhood in Chennai and is located strategically with easy access to all other parts of the city. Housing several renowned places and sprinkled with a potpourri of communities, this locality is much sought-after by people from all walks of life. Increasing demand for housing has given birth to several luxury apartments in Chennai, particularly in this area. Financially affordable and offering high living standards, luxury flats in Chennai are in much demand.

What Makes Vepery Standout in Upcoming Luxury Projects in Chennai?

Chennai, the state capital, is renowned for its cultural, social, and economic heritage. With globalization and a broadly expanding economy, there has been a considerable rise in the migrating population here. This has substantially increased the demand for residential projects in the city. Vepery is located in the centre and connected very well with the rest of the city. It naturally attracts a significant number of homebuyers. Modern and luxury flats are coming up for sale in this neighbourhood of Chennai.

Factors That Make Living In Vepery, Joyous

#1. Located in the centre of the city

The primary reason why luxury apartments in Vepery area are among the most coveted ones is the fact that Vepery is situated in the best part of the city. With just a stone’s throw from the city’s prime areas such as Egmore, Kilpauk, Anna Nagar, and Purasawakkam, this place bubbles with activity all the time. You get everything you need here, and you may reach any other location easily from here. 

#2. Marvellous Infrastructure

One of the reasons for the rising demand for luxury apartments in Chennai’s Vepery is the quality of infrastructure found here. Potable water, excellent transport system, and a good road network make this a great place to move in. 

#3. The Great Cultural Blend

Living in luxury flats in Vepery will provide an unparalleled experience as the area is populated by people from various places with different cultures. The location is home to a mixed community of people from Andhra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Telangana, and many more states. They bring with them their customs and culture, making it a fantastic experience to live here.

#4. Exemplar Green Cover

Although Chennai as a whole doesn’t command much in terms of green cover, Vepery neighbourhood is comfortably ensconced among the greenery. This once rural locality is now developing into a busy hub that blends nature with modern amenities. A significant portion of Chennai’s flora and fauna is in Vepery.

#5. Great Food Joints

With people from several states living in harmony, there’s no shortage of multi-cuisine food in Vepery. There are quite a few restaurants and cafes that cater to the palates of varied types of people. Foodies can move to luxury apartments in Vepery just for the sheer fulfilment of their taste buds. Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Café Coffee Day, Murudis, Madras Coffee House, Sachin Ka Dhaba, and many more popular eateries have their presence here. You name it; you got it in Vepery.

#6. Temples For Those With The Religious Bent  

Vepery is blessed with several large temples for people of different communities. Living amid a peaceful atmosphere offered by temples is a blissful, spiritual experience.

Sri Angala Parameswari temple, Kandi Vinayagar temple, Shri Gujarati Swethamber Murtipujak Jain Mandir, and several other temples for different beliefs are available here. 

#7. Vepery Houses Great Educational Institutes

One of the primary concerns of the modern generation is quality education for children. There are several reputed educational institutions in and around Vepery, such as Agarwal Vidyalaya, Bentinck Girls School, Guru Shree Shantivijai Jain Vidyalaya, St. Matthias Anglo Indian School, and many more. 

Vepery houses quite a few colleges as well, such as St. Christopher’s College of Education, Guru Shree Shantivijai Jain College for Women, among others. Easy access to acclaimed schools and colleges is an added advantage for those who buy luxury apartments in Vepery, Chennai.

#8. Social Amenities and Infrastructure 

In addition to premium educational institutions, Vepery possesses a list of reputed health care organizations and recreation centres. With its exclusive social amenities and people-friendly lifestyle, this neighbourhood is suitable for people of all ages. 

Periyar Manaiammai Hospital, Batoola Hospital, and CSN Hospital are a few of the reputed hospitals in Vepery. You get ample opportunities to unwind; there are several recreation centres here. Doveton sports centre, Indian Squash Academy, youngster Roller Skating Center and YMCA International Youth Center are a few of the prestigious and popular spots.

#9. Excellent Employment Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities in the vicinity of Vepery. Ambattur, Thiruvanmiyur, and Guindy are just 16 km away from here. Being located close to several employment hubs makes this neighbourhood the first choice among the young generation. The commute is smooth, making work-life balance great.

#10. Idle Location and Layout

Located at the vantage point in the city, Vepery is undoubtedly one of the well-laid areas in Chennai. Following an originally well-organized layout, Vepery has roads running perpendicular and parallel to one another. This makes it easy and relaxed for navigating the neighbourhood. Finding and reaching any place here is a piece of cake.

#11. Accessibility

In addition to being self-sufficient, having good accessibility with the other parts of the city is crucial. With one of the major arterial roads of Chennai— Poonamallee High Road—Vepery has excellent accessibility to significant places such as Chennai Central, Egmore, Koyambedu, and the city airport. It is also close to prominent city areas such as Purasawakkam, Anna Nagar, and Kilpauk. The Koyambedu Mofussil Bus Terminus is 8km away whereas the city airport is less than 22km from here. 


With a well-balanced environment that includes temples, schools, colleges, hospitals, commercial complexes, and luxury apartments for sale, Vepery has achieved being the niche for people from different financial and social strata. The cosmopolitan atmosphere and the endless opportunities here make a living a blissful experience for many. If you are looking to buy luxury apartments in Chennai, Vepery would be the best place to invest in! SPR Osian One is a luxury residence located on EVK Sampath Road, Vepery. Give us a call to know more about it!

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