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Top 5 Places to Visit Around Porur

Porur is one of the fast-growing cities in Chennai. With the population moving to the other part of the town, Porur sees some drastic changes in its development. It is a comfortable space for all categories of people – working professionals, families and senior citizens. Porur is in the western part of Chennai.

There are various reasons why people are moving to Porur. Here’s a brief

1. IT hubs – With the city loaded with several MNCs, the corporations are looking forward to expansions. Fortunately, they’ve all looked up to Porur that has vast barren lands that can be used for construction. This way, a lot of companies have started housing their operations in Porur. A drastic shift in this had made people find a new residence in Porur.

2. Real estate – With growing employment opportunities, Porur also sees a swift rise in real estate. Land values have gone up and are continually growing. Another reason for the real estate to boom is the availability of all essentials within reach. It is also because it has got an excellent transportation advantage that connects it to various main hubs of the city. This would be the right time to invest in Porur for it will yield great results in years to come.

3. Natural Resources – Porur houses one of the biggest lakes in the city. Porur Lake is an abundance of a freshwater reserve on which a lot of people depend for the household requirement. If there’s a proper water conservation system in this place, then Porur will never face a drastic water shortage.

4. Entertainment – The growing population in Porur demands excellent facilities to emerge in that area. That is how some right entertainment spots have come in Porur. Express Avenue, VR mall and Phoenix are in a reasonable distance from Porur.

5. Education – Porur has the most prestigious Ramachandra Medical College. It also has various international schools and other reputed education institutions that provide the best education to children. With this amenity in Porur, parents are now happy to move to Porur as their kids need not travel far for schools. This stands as an added advantage.

If you are new to the city and you have taken a hotel to stay in Porur or if you are planning to settle down in Porur while being new to the town, we have some suggestions to you on places that you should be visiting. Here’s where you should take a trip to:

Places to Visit Around Porur

1. T-Nagar/ Pondybazar

Pondybazar - Places to visit in Porur

Are you looking for the best place to hang out and shop? Do you want your eyes sparkling with all those beautiful accessories? Hear up ladies, pondy bazaar and T Nagar is your place to be for all your shopping requirements. Here’s where you can find anything and everything at the most reasonable prices. If you are good in bargaining, then bingo! Consider you have the best goodies in your bag.

2. Religious places

Raamanatheshwarar Temple Places to Visit Around Porur

Porur is also a place where you can find many sacred sites. This is an added advantage to senior citizens. The Raamanatheshwarar Temple is known to be very auspicious. People who desire to go and visit the Rameshwaram temple and are unable to can visit this temple. Sethu Kshetram, Jain temple, Kamatchi Amman Temple, Shivan Temple, Balamurugan temple are located in and around Porur. Some Churches and mosques are also around Porur.

3. Marina 

marina beach -Places to Visit Around Porur

The jewel of Chennai, the Marina beach is located 14 km from Porur. The journey is worth once you visit the beach. It is one of the massively developed beaches in Chennai. There are many restaurants around that place that you can visit. It is also one of the prime locations that connect you to other parts of the city, what’s better than taking a stroll along the beach on a pleasant evening.

4. Egmore Museum

Egmore Museum - Places to Visit Around Porur

With a 45 minutes drive, you will be able to reach one of the best places around Porur. The Egmore Government museum was started in 1851 and is the second-largest museum in India. The museum has astonishing artefacts that were collected since ancient times. Visiting this place will help you know more about the history and culture of our forefathers.

5. Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga - Places to Visit Around Porur

Another prominent and a place to relax is Semmozhi Poonga. It is a 40 minutes drive from Porur. Semmozhi Poonga is a botanical garden that has dense trees that form a vast ecosystem. It is full of life and provides massive green canopies that are like lungs to the city. It was started in 2010 and since then has been a shelter and home to numerous birds. The flora and fauna that developed in this place over some time is worth the watch. Visit Semmozhi Poonga to spend some good time in the evenings.

Like mentioned before, Porur has an excellent transportation system that helps you connect to the significant parts of the city. Besides, the roads and national highways also play a vital role in making the transition quicker and easier. There are various other places to visit if you are in Porur, but the ones mentioned above should be a must in you ‘to visit’ list.

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