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7 Perfect Kitchen Upgrades Ideas For a New Look Without Remodeling

One place at home that is dearly guarded by the womenfolk in the kitchen. It is where all experiments and battles happen. Women at all times have had a particular interest in decorating this place by frequently changing how things are placed. Men too for a long time now have shown interest in cooking, and they are no lesser than women in making sure their kitchen aisle is as shining as a mirror.

Besides the wow factor and that it should be presentable, keeping the kitchen neat is also essential for it makes tasks simpler and makes cooking comfortable. With all the hustle and bustle in the mornings, having things haphazard can often lead to difficulty in getting things done on time. Here are seven tips to upgrade your kitchen for a new look without having to remodel:

7 Perfect Kitchen upgrades Ideas

1. Compost Bin

One of the biggest problems with maintaining the kitchen is managing the waste. Bins are often left unattended that might give out the foul smell and make the whole kitchen mood dull. It is also not good and hygienic to practice that. The first step that you can do to win over this problem is to buy a compost bin. There are many available out there that comes with soil and some manure in it that helps in composting the degradable waste. Secondly, make sure and religiously segregate degradable and non-degradable waste. Not separating plastics can often lead to harmful bins that are difficult to get rid of. This is also the right way of leading a healthy and green lifestyle. You can place the bin in one of the corners that have a window right next to it, which can help eliminate any bad smell.

2. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants act as a great relief and give the best vibes in any room. One of the other benefits is that some plants generate the right amount of oxygen and cleans the air. Steam, smoke, and fumes often leave black marks on the walls as they do not find any way to escape unless there is a proper chimney. Ivy plants can help purify the air. A small place set aside for kitchen gardening helps solve the dual purpose of herbs for cooking and also giving good aesthetics to the kitchen. Consider aloe Vera for starters. There’s no better way to upgrade the kitchen than this.

3. Add open storage 

Another biggest challenge in a kitchen space is not having enough storage space. Try and check online for DIYs that will help you make extra space without having to take off the modern kitchen cabins. Hanging shelves are one of the best things to stick to make some extra space. You can also buy storage boxes to put ‘not so frequently used’ items in it. Place them under the sink or on the loft. This will make some room for the essentials. Invest in a cheap cupboard where you can store the groceries. Vegetable bags are great to make enough space in your refrigerator-that will accommodate other items and also keeps it sorted. You can also use temporary hooks that have a strong adhesive to hang pouches or holders on it.

4. Replace the appliances

The best way to make your kitchen look new is by replacing the appliances. They tend to become old and rusty with time and usage. Invest small but frequently. If there’s a provision, consider taking appliances on a rental that might help you rotate the existing ones for a new piece. This is one of the many ways to upgrade your kitchen to the best budget.

5. Add new cutlery

Who doesn’t like ceramics and metals? They catch everyone’s attention once they are in the room. Kitchens especially make a great place to display your taste and choice of cutlery. Ditch plastic and other materials harmful to the environment as they do not last long but leave a mark on our planet. Ceramic and glass storage jars don’t just keep the stored food fresh and nice but also add a style statement. Ceramic dinner sets with blue pottery art on it make the best choice to show off your love for unique handcrafted items. Cups, tea kettles, plates, flower vases, jars and other cutlery that adds to style can be placed to make the kitchen look prettier and beautiful.

6. Pay attention to the faucet

The least that you can do is renovate the sink faucet. If you have a washing machine placed in the corner of a kitchen, make sure the pipelines are changed once in a while to keep it clean and hygienic. Replacing the pipes and cleaning the space under the skin is also very important to make sure there is no leakage or bad odour from all the wastewater that flows through it. Use branded sink cleaning powder to make sure there are no clogs. It is essential to do a plumbing check once in a while as this will help keep termites and other insects away.

7. Aesthetics

Painted walls, colored tiles, patterned floors are some of the few things that you can do to light up your kitchen instantly. Mosaic designs add style and signature to your kitchen. Invest in excellent decors like wall hangings, wind chimes and carpets to add color. Remodeling can cost you a lot, but the painting does not. Always make sure there is one wall in the kitchen that is plain without any decors on it. Paint that wall in geometric patterns to add class. Use subtle colors and mild earthy tones to keep the mood warm and decent. Hanging dome lights are chic. Wall decors with jute or macramé art are also an excellent option to style your kitchen. Fridge magnets also add to the beauty. Make sure you put them on the door.

There are so many other creative ways that you can do to rework your kitchen to make it visually appealing and beautiful. The last thing that you will want to hear is a bad comment about the place that you treasure the most in your house. Make the best of what you can with a minimal budget and by experimenting more in DIYs. Happy Cooking!

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