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Luxury Amenities at Osian Chlorophyll

SPR Highliving is one of the most trusted real-estate communities in Chennai. We have tremendous projects that have pleased our buyers to a different level. Our luxury apartments are crafted not just with bricks but with the passion and love that we have for our profession. We believe that a house is one of the most treasured things in one’s life. We stand by our principles of never compromising on specific things like safety standards or the aesthetic standards while constructing our projects.

We understand how important it is for you to buy a house and how much you mentally workout on the financial possibilities to get one. With this in mind, we make sure of providing the best in the best budget available. Never at a point will you have second thoughts over the quality and the amenities that you will avail by collaborating with us. We at SPR Highliving are extremely pleased to reiterate the specialties of one such project of ours – The Osian Chlorophyll.

Osian Chlorophyll - Luxury Flats in Porur

This project is inspired by nature. With lands becoming extremely expensive, concrete jungles are coming up everywhere with no dedicated space for nature or trees; we are all choking with the harmful smoke and pollutants in our atmosphere. Osian Chlorophyll was created to make homes closer to nature. To make you feel like you live in the lap of mother earth. Besides being a green project, we also have other great amenities that will make you get all excited, and we would like to take you on a small journey on the endless possibilities you can have with our projects.


1. Prime locality

Osian Chlorophyll is located in one of the most prime areas in Chennai, Porur. Porur is known for its busy hub and has proximity to all immediate amenities. Though Porur is extremely busy, Osian Chlorophyll is located in a silent, distant location, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

If you are planning to buy a flat in Porur but would like to have it in a peaceful environment, this is where you should exactly be. Porur is also a central place that connects to all other major parts of the Chennai city. The transportation from here is much flexible, and you will have no trouble in reaching other places in and around Porur.

2. Close to nature

Luxury Amenities at Osian Chlorophyll

As mentioned previously, Osian Chlorophyll is a project inspired by nature. With our project, we would like to emphasize the advantages of a green lifestyle and would like to encourage people to join SPR Highliving for this. As a part of this, we also have a sophisticated rainwater harvesting space that will be connected to your home as well.

Saving all that we can in nature is, after all, the best thing that we can do. Also, we have a dedicated sewage treatment plant that treats water to send it back to the plants for watering. This way it ensures a balanced and conscious usage of water in the place.

3. Aesthetics

Luxury Amenities at Osian ChlorophyllOne thing that you can expect from Chlorophyll is complete love for aesthetics. Every corner of the township is created with care and love and with the thing in mind to make it from a house to a home for you!

You will see lush green plants and grass everywhere, designated space for a kid’s play area, a silent room for meditation, and much more. You will not find so many of these when you buy flats in Porur. And that’s another reason why we strongly recommend you take a tour of our SPR Osian Chlorophyll.

4. The sky bridge

Luxury Amenities at Osian Chlorophyll

One of the most splendid and spectacular pieces of architecture in our township is the sky bridge. Relish the privilege of looking at the surroundings of SPR Osian Chlorophyll from a sky bridge. Enjoy pleasant evenings by being close to seeing the beauty of a sunset and the lush green trees looking over the mighty Porur lake.

5. Alluring facilities

Luxury Amenities at Osian Chlorophyll

Besides the regular amenities, Osian Chlorophyll also has other special features like the infinity pool. Now, you will love to get out frequently. Also, get ready to witness the hidden beauty of the green terrace all over different blocks. We believe that greenery is something that should be around us all the time to keep us in a positive aura.

6. Good connectivity all

Osian Chlorophyll is close to prominent schools and colleges, which makes it an ideal space to reside. You no longer have to send your kid to a far off place for a good school.

One of the best international schools is located right next to the township. On the other hand, the most prestigious Sri Ramachandra Medical College is also in close proximity.

Besides, the DLF IT Park is right in the centre of Porur, and if you are working there, then this is the best place for you to reside in. SPR Highliving has all of its projects constructed only after a careful evaluation of things that is basic and an ideal requirement for anyone to stay.

7. Organic Farming

Osian Chlorophyll has an abundance of nature-related amenities and we believe in a healthy and strong lifestyle that has more of a holistic approach. At Osian Chlorophyll you will see organic farming. We have a dedicated space for organic farming within the compound. Eating fresh and healthy is the first step towards a better and quality lifestyle. To be able to live a healthy life what goes on your plate is extremely important. Organically grown fruits and vegetables make a great difference to your lifestyle once you start taking them. This is because they are naturally grown with manure and not chemical fertilizers.

8. Safety and security

We ensure that our people are safeguarded, and for this, we have options like cameras, security systems and also a fire safety system to ensure top-notch safety in the locality.

All the raw materials we use are as per industry standards and ensure complete safety with beautiful designs to make your home look ravishing. Also, we have in place, earthquake resistant structural design as per Seismic Zone III regulations. It is just that we would like to be prepared for everything!

These are some of the few amenities that we have at our project for you. We bet you will be thrilled to learn more for we still have many such exciting things. Request for a tour today! Get to know more about your favourite new home! Welcome to the SPR Highliving family. Now you know where to look for if you want to buy flats in Porur.

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