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How do luxury amenities enhance your living experience?

When you purchase a home, you aren’t simply buying 4 walls. You’re shopping for a holistic living experience. A journey that will stay with you for years to come. We apprehend the significance of having a residence that offers you the whole lot you need, so we positively make sure that our residential initiatives are designed keeping in mind everything that you would love in your home.

  • Creates a community living space

With loads of amenities & services such as shopping centers, theatres, play areas, open lawns, gardens & parks – our community spaces provide areas & encourage residents to come around and have interactions. This offers a unique experience of the neighborhood and creates a sense of belonging. Human beings are social animals, staying collectively and interacting can raise your emotional well-being.

  • Enhances physical health

Our sports facilities provide various amenities that would enable even those who hate exercising to prioritize their health. For the walkers, we have stunning landscapes that are a sight for green-starved eyes. For those searching for excitement in their exercising routine, jogging with their buddies in the residential park is something they would enjoy. For the team sports enthusiasts, our basketball and different sports activity courts will provide them the most benefit. Importantly, with Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy you can start practicing & enjoying cricket at all ages.

  • Improves mental well-being

A gated neighborhood with a posh lifestyle & luxurious amenity is a getaway from the city life, a gateway to a serene & tranquil experience leaving your daily pressures & stress behind. Happy residents make a joyful community. To add to the joy of living, there are musical gardens, water fountains, yoga & meditation centers, a spa & Jacuzzi, etc. With the relaxation of the mind, there is a calm and comfortable feeling, to strengthen mental health.

  • Improves family life

People buy a home with the intent of residing there for a lifetime and perhaps, raising a family. Amenities & facilities that enhance this family experience is what adds glitz to the glamour. Facilities for every member of the family to satisfy their needs & wants to spaces that accentuate & enhance family living. From the nana-nani park to rose gardens & kid’s play area park for children, longest shopping corridor to office spaces nearby; it is live life to the fullest.

  • Creates homes that are ultra-comfortable

The contemporary design & modern fittings used to create great interiors & exteriors are the biggest touch to luxury apartments. From expansive living rooms, modern-day kitchens, to comfortable bathroom designs, the whole place is conceptualized, designed & built for your needs.

There was once a time when people would prefer a smaller residence but stay close to all the facilities. But this trend has now changed. It is no longer about solely providing a residential space; it is all about the residence with top-class amenities.

SPR City, the largest integrated township in Chennai, provides you with a different experience of luxury amenities, which will upgrade your lifestyle to the next level.

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