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Breathtaking Views From SPR City’s Tallest Towers

From humble beginnings as a fisherman hamlet, Chennai has well and truly become the crown jewel of the Coromandel coast. An integral part of this monumental success is Chennai’s budding skyline. The residential havens in Chennai form a major chunk of this building scape. Thanks to rapid globalization, Chennaiites no longer want to settle for regular abodes when they look for luxury flats for sale in Chennai. The real estate market in the city isn’t just about the base standard of living anymore. People want bigger and better lifestyles delivered through the places they call home. In short, people want luxury delivered to them on a silver platter. How has this paradigm shift impacted the real estate sector in the city?

The Gateway To Better Living

In 21st century Chennai, a high standard of living has become synonymous with sprawling gated communities. Urban expansion has been all the rage in Chennai, as the city grows in every possible direction in its journey as a metropolis. Nowadays, even the lesser-known suburbs of Chennai are fast becoming hubs for prime real estate. Look no further than the flats for sale in Perambur and Porur if you want proof of this silent phenomenon. Why are gated communities becoming so popular? To the average Chennaiite, wouldn’t a no-frills apartment located in the heart of the city make more sense?

Homes With A View

Homes With A View
Homes With A View

 At the onset, let’s deconstruct what a Chennaiite in the real estate market looks for in his or her house hunt.

Interconnectivity. Chennai is still a relatively close-knit city. People want to be close to their place of work, quality healthcare along with all the other bells and whistles.

– Premium Amenities. Real estate in India’s metro cities isn’t exactly as cheap as it was during the turn of the millennium. The flipside to this is that Chennaiites now want more bang for their buck. On paper, this translates to more amenities that round out a holistic lifestyle at the site.

Scenic Beauty. In this age of Instagram-able moments, everyone wants a room with a view. Chennai’s suburbs are perfectly geared towards delivering pristine views. No wonder, then, that they’re the go-to pick for promoters creating high-rise flats for sale in Chennai!

 Do all these things strike a chord with your interests as a prospective homebuyer? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that these aspects run parallel to the lifestyle we offer at our pride, SPR City! Through meticulous curation, we’ve constructed a sublime paradise that is tailor-made for the good life.

Life At SPR City

life at SPR Highliving
Life at SPR Highliving

The name SPR City isn’t just for the show. With the moniker of Work-Live-Learn-Play-Commune, we’ve covered all the bases for a luxurious lifestyle by redefining urban living. Our residential district within our city within a city is also aptly named: “Highliving”! Each magnificent tower in the Highliving area of SPR City stands tall with pride, housing premium apartments with ample amenities for one and all.

Towers A, B and H may be a part of the same residential district, but they each bring a unique zest and panache to the table. As proud elements of Chennai’s largest integrated township, the Highliving towers form the crux of what makes life great at SPR City. Ready to make the climb with us?

Highliving At SPR City

10 Facts of Tallest Residential Building of Chennai

 First things first, you’re probably wondering just how tall the Highliving Towers are. At thirty-six storeys high apiece, the Highliving edifices are easily the tallest buildings in the vicinity. That’s 216 units of prime real estate, consisting of ¾ BHK apartments within each tower. As far as flats for sale in Perambur go, that’s quite the deal!

Each tower is spread out across an area of eighteen acres, so space is never a concern at SPR Highliving. The towers themselves constitute a polished design aspect, combining architectural finesse with modern functionality. This aesthetic isn’t just superficial, though. The luxury at SPR’s Highliving Towers goes way beyond appearances. The residential district and the surrounding facilities offer a holistic experience that’s all about diverse luxury.

A World Of Luxury Living

To give you a basic grasp of the standard of living we offer, here’s an overview of the amenities at our luxury flats for sale in Perambur.

Recreation Clubs. Everyone deserves to have their hobbies celebrated to the fullest. At SPR Highliving, explore your hobbies at the rec club for peak fun!

Residential Offices. In keeping with our motto of Work, Live, Learn, Play, Commune, we at SPR have guaranteed that your productivity at work is accounted for. Work like a boss at our specially curated office spaces at SPR Highliving!

Jogging Lanes. What better way to witness the sprawling expanse of SPR City than through well-carved jogging lanes? These paths meander through the iconic spots of the complex, offering pristine views of SPR City during your morning walks and jogs.

Library. SPR Highliving is replete with opportunities to get some quality reading done.Our library at SPR City is well-stocked to cater to every bookworm’s interest.

School. Parents will be pleased to know that The Shri Ram Universal School is located right within the SPR City complex. TSUS is a school dedicated to upholding the pinnacle of CBSE education, so you can rest assured that your child is shaping up to be a future leader!

This is just a glimpse into the numerous amenities that we provide at our quality flats for sale in Chennai. At this juncture, you’re probably wondering, why Perambur?

The Highliving Advantage

Amenities in SPR Highliving
65+ Luxury Amenities in SPR Highliving

Perambur is a rapidly developing industrial area and suburb of Chennai. Aside from the vast array of amenities within SPR City proper, the site is also a mere 2 kilometers from Kilpauk. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from the upcoming metro stations in Pattalam and Otteri. Now that’s connectivity and ease of commuting that you just can’t beat at these localities!

Yes, at SPR Highliving, we offer breathtaking views of the surroundings to each and every resident. However, the luxury we bring forth extends just as far as those views! Get in touch with us today to book your flat for sale in Perambur at SPR City. Are you ready to experience a higher standard of living?

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