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7 Benefits of Buying Luxury Flats in Porur

Who wouldn’t want to live in luxury? Gone are the days when people have meager dreams of buying a small flat. These days the standard of living has increased so much that everyone aims to buy a luxury flat. It is not inadequate or unavailable as Chennai sees a racing pace in the construction of such flats. You can find luxury flats in Porur, one of the most preferred places in the city right now. The options here are endless. The amenities that each builder provides are many. But there is always that one particular builder that is trusted by all and from whom buyers and investors have full belief.

Luxury flats in Porur are many. This is for various reasons. Many often ask why are there so many flats for sale in Porur? Why is it that no matter how many flats are for sale in Porur, they are often fast selling, and buyers again pre-book apartments and wait for the projects to get completed?


Buying luxury flats can change a person’s lifestyle and their approach to seeing things. There are many reasons why people prefer to buy luxury flats these days.

1. Convenience


The foremost essential reasons as to why people buy luxury flats are that it gives excellent comfort and convenience. Most luxury flats come as townships that also house amenities like grocery complexes and so on that make daily tasks simpler and better. Luxury flats give importance to easy-to-reach aspects to encourage people to invest in them.

2. Amenities


Unlike any other usual townships, luxury flats have amenities like the provision to an indoor gym, pool, entertainment club, daycare facility, grocery store, medical facility, spacious car park, neatly maintained roads and many more. These are some of the very few amenities that can be listed down. But in reality, there’s much more, and all that buyers want is to have these amenities to lead a peaceful and hassle-free life.

3. Social status


The pride that one carries in owning a luxury flat is immeasurable. They consider this to be the mark of their identity. As soon as someone buys a luxury flat, they see a sudden spike in their social status. Their approach to things and their circles change, and they become posher and so they prefer buying luxury flats. This is common as humans are social beings and crave image and personal development.

4. Investment value


Investing in a luxury flat does come in a considerable amount, but there is always an excellent opportunity to get good returns. For those who cannot afford to own a luxury house, at least have the craving to rent it out. If you are an owner of a luxury flat, you can expect good returns both through rentals and also when you sell it off. The demand for these apartments never goes down.

5. Security


Luxury apartments come with a top-notch security system. This is not only about the security forces but also provisions like security cameras, fire alarms and so on. This makes these places safer than any other regular flats that are for sale. This is also another reason why people, especially millennials, prefer buying luxury apartments.



Today we will see what is driving people to Porur to buy flats. Porur is developing to become the heart of the central zone of Chennai city. The sprawling residential area is booming with new places and facilities. There are several reasons why one prefers to buy flats in Porur. Some of the most prominent are explained below:

1. Accessibility to places


Porur is the central hub and has access to all other places in the city. There’s no trouble when it comes to commuting as there are frequent buses. Also, the flyovers in Porur provide the most comfortable and fastest commute to any part of the city. The metro connectivity to Arumbakkam offers excellent support. Also, there are many share-autos to Guindy station from where reaching any place in the city is as easy as remembering something at your fingertips.

2. Feasible to majority workforce


There are several industries and IT hubs in Porur. This makes it the most preferred place to find a home and settle down. The DLF IT park at Porur hosts some of the world class companies where the majority of the workforce is employed. This makes this place habitable as employees prefer staying closer to the workplace than traveling from far off distances.

3. Safe surroundings


Porur is neither densely populated nor sparsely populated. It is a perfect balance of the number of people staying there. This makes the place safer and provides more excellent neighbourhood to stay in. The facilities available makes it more convenient.

4. Good returns


Investing in any flat in Porur is sure to yield you good returns. There’s no doubt about it when it comes to owning luxury flats in Porur. As mentioned above the presence of various industries and IT Parks make it a better place to rent out houses from. And so if you are investing, have no second thought before investing in Porur.


5. Water supply


Porur has one of the city’s most extensive and massive lakes. This promises a constant water supply to the residents making it the most viable to stay that has an uninterrupted water supply. While many other places in Chennai city see water shortage, Porur stands last in this. This makes it another favourite reason to invest in a real estate property.


6. Entertainment hub


There’s no scarcity of any type of entertainment in Porur. It has one of the best entertainment hubs in comparison to other places in the city or at least has the most viable route to reach the best ones. Some of the most prominent ones are Express Avenue Mall, Forum Vijaya Mall, VR Mall, AGS Cinemas, Palazzo Cinema, and many more!

7. Accessibility to educational facilities


The availability of various high-grade schools with international standards makes Porur the first choice for parents to invest in a real estate property. Some of the best educational institutions are Pon Vidyashram, Sri Sankara Global Cambridge International School, Narayana Olympiad school, and many more. Porur is also the place where the most prestigious Sri Ramachandra Medical College is there.

Porur is developing at a breakneck pace, and it’s becoming everyone’s choice of place to live. Also, we have our most prestigious Osian Chlorophyll project that is dedicated to creating one of the most luxurious apartments in the city. Osian Chlorophyll by SPR Highliving is nature-conscious and also supports eco-friendly living. With Osian Chlorophyll you can feel nature at every step in and out of your house. We are proud to present one of the most preferred and the best luxury apartments in Porur. Reach out to us for further information.


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