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10 must-have amenities in residential apartments – SPR India

Today’s lifestyle demands a lot of your time. With hectic schedules, finding time to look for a perfect place to move into is difficult. So, when you finally decide to move into an apartment, you want it to be perfect! Residents have bought the apartments mainly because of the amenities offered to them. Residences with the best amenities will consistently draw in residents. But how do you determine whether amenities are worthwhile, though?
You will find amenities worthwhile if they suit your lifestyle. Many residential apartments in Chennai do provide you with basic amenities such as water supply, electricity, proper roads, etc. However, if you want to experience a lavish lifestyle with the best outdoor living experience; choose SPR City. SPR India is currently working on their flagship project, SPR City, to provide you with an out-of-the-world living experience.

Here is the list of amenities you must have in residential apartments:

  1. Accessibility:
    With advanced technology, you can get anything delivered to your door, from a packet of milk to a television installation. The lockdown taught people that accessibility matters. It’s one of the reasons why apartments have convenience stores inside their premises so that the residents can make last-minute purchases. At SPR City, you can enjoy access to a wholesale & retail market – Market of India and connect with the major trade markets. Further, the Chennai Central railway station is just a few kilometers away, apart from easy access to the highways and 3 proposed metro stations.
  2. Sports facilities for the family:
    After a long week, it can feel liberating to play a game of badminton with your family. Sports facilities encourage quality family time. Especially in residential apartments, you can join in with your neighbors and play weekly matches. It will be a good stress buster for you, and you’ll get to exercise as well. A fun round of tennis or basketball is a terrific way to foster a sense of community. You will appreciate having access to sporting venues like tennis or basketball courts, whether you host guests or arrange a game with your neighbors. In the end, residents find this amenity worthwhile because it offers a variety of advantages, including a central location for competition, community development, and fitness! “Gary Kristen Cricket India” and “Padukone Sports Management aka Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy” are the two renowned sports academies available in SPR City with more coming up, where your children can get professional training. Besides, these academies, you can make use of world-class sports facilities such as squash court, table tennis, basketball and more.
  3. Good school for your kids:
    Many parents will feel elated if their children study at a school that not only imparts academic knowledge but also encourages your children to focus on extra-curricular activities. Indeed, giving your child a holistic development. At SPR City, your child can hop, skip, and jump to “The Shri Ram Universal School, Chennai” It’s an amazing school with an updated curriculum with great emphasis on extra-curricular activities and nurturing your child to think out of the box.
  4. Shopping mall:
    You’ll never be bored if you live next to a shopping mall. Shopping malls compel you to get out of your house and do something. You can get an amazing shopping experience, entertainment, and indulge in leisure activities. At SPR City, you can experience the best shopping at the Citizen’s Square Mall. Not only within the project’s boundaries but also throughout Chennai, this architectural beauty will be a major attraction. With millions of square feet in floor area, the mall is slated to become a new icon in North Chennai. A mall inside the same gates as your residence is unquestionably a privilege that cannot be obtained anywhere else, even though you may have the choice to purchase an apartment close to one.
  5. Theatre:
    A straightforward but enjoyable feature to provide in a residential complex is a mini-theatre. It’s simpler to make than one might imagine, and the residents will adore it. This area can be rented by anyone who wants to entertain friends and family for a screening of their most recent film production or used for community-wide movie nights. This luxurious amenity will delight you to no end! At SPR City, you have the facility of an outdoor theatre, mini theatre and above all a 9 screen multiplex – PVR cinemas located within SPR City.
  6. Access to healthcare:
    Access to healthcare and hospitals near your residential apartment is mandatory today. As a resident, your mind will be at ease knowing that you can reach the hospital in no time, if ever there is a need. You can get access to the best healthcare facility as a 300+ bed multi-specialty hospital is coming up within SPR City.
  7. Green space and open-areas:
    Anyone would like to walk in a garden trail park, breathing in the fresh air, making you feel calm. Lush, green spaces enhance the beauty of the residential apartments, and residents who like gardening can indulge, feeling happy at the end. For city dwellers, green space is the ideal high-end amenity. You can find tranquility after a long day in a well-kept, cozy location with an abundance of greenery. Even if your property is located in a less populated region, a green area is ideal for inhabitants to entertain guests and enjoy some fresh air after a long day at work indoors. Every morning you would feel fresh, thanks to SPR City’s vibrant and vast green spaces. All day long, being enveloped in nature may be relaxing and revitalizing.
    You will have ample motivation to live a lavish life in tranquil surroundings and a plethora of amenities.
  8. Fitness centre:
    In the past fifteen years, you could designate a tiny room as your resident fitness centre by placing a treadmill and an elliptical machine inside. However, today, people expect more from their fitness centers because they are far more conscious about their health. To meet the resident’s desires, residential apartments should consider holding exercise routines, establishing a yoga studio, or introducing other distinctive amenities to satisfy their desires. You can exercise anytime of the day with SPR City’s premium gymnasium. Mediate along with your friends at the Yoga Centre, boosting your energy for the day.
  9. Spa:
    A private spa is a lavish amenity. Who among the citizens wouldn’t want one, though? A heated pool, a steam room, and individual massage rooms may be found in a high-end residential apartment. Living at SPR City will enable you to pamper yourself at the spa with a massage after a long day.
  10. Library:
    Residents who love to read books of various genres can make use of this amenity. A library is more than just a place to read; it can host events such as book clubs, invite renowned authors for book signings, rent documentary films, and much more.

If you’re looking for apartments for sale in Chennai that offer world-class amenities, then choose SPR City. You will get the best outdoor living experience. SPR City’s – 2BHK flats, 3 BHK flats and their very special 4 BHK apartments are luxurious residences designed to provide you with maximum comfort. To know more visit or contact us

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