Nov 14

Change is constant; Luxury

Change is an interesting term as it can mean more depending on the topic of discussion. For some, it is essential while for others it’s something to fear. Over the time we have seen how changes and belief of people have brought historical changes over the entire world. Looking back in time we see that great people in history have never feared the change but adopted it and turned it into a legacy.

We believe in making change a positive aspect and have always brought different and unique concepts in our projects. ONE is such, where the luxury focuses on your MIND, BODY and SOUL.

Normally we live in a house planned, designed, built, and even furnished by someone, and the person just owns the surrounding space. We wanted to bring the customers more closer to their homes. This is not going to happen unless the owners become a part of the house’s built-up.

There was a time when owning a house in a city was a luxury, and then came the concept of apartments, followed by high raised apartments. Amenities and services were later added to it and were presented to the buyers. Fully furnished apartments were next in line, but throughout these changes we never saw an instance where the owner of the house had an opportunity to express his/her on how their house should be. But now we present to the customers Osian One with the bare-shell concept where the buyer decides on how his dream home should be. What is so great about this you say? What isn’t? You decide how your home should be and how it will look. From the tiles to sanitary, wall paints to wall papers and fittings. Every square feet of the house will be as per your choice. Your home just the way you want it to be. In addition to this, our concierge services are offered exclusively for the residents of Osian One. Busy with work but need to book tickets for a movie? Leave it to us. We make your life simpler so you can spend your time for your family.

The name says it all. Osian One , a one of a kind project by SPR, Building with purpose.