July 21


Mankind has evolved over a period to a very large extent from how we were to how we are now. We grew very close to nature and enjoyed all of its benefits till the time we started living an electronic life. Now what we see are more of tall antennas than tall trees in cities. Over and over people tend to give talks and awareness about the importance of living hand in hand with nature and how much fruitful it can be for us but we hardly experience the same in practical. We all might have come across the word Organic, a million times over and over across various social media platforms, print medium and even through our friends who hardly speak such contents.

While all these medium have SPOKEN about the importance of Organic agriculture, farming, gardening, a way of living and such, only a very few have REALISED the importance of it and have actually implemented it.

Tamil Nadu Organic Certification Department (TNOCD) terms Organic farming as “a production system, which avoids the use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators; livestock feed additives and genetically modified organisms. It is the key to the sound development for a sustainable environment. It also conserves soil fertility and soil erosion.”

For farming, the basic requirement is soil. But the soil too needs to be sustainable for organic farming. The organic soil basically contains naturally decomposed components in them. This way plant gets all the required nutrients and minerals from the soil naturally without the need for man-made harmful pesticides or fertilisers. Moreover, natural and organic soil does not deplete any minerals present in it. Plants basically take these nutrients and it is these nutrients that are transferred to us in the form of food.

When was the last time we took in a breath without feeling the dust in it or enjoyed the open space, looked at natural green and not plastic leaf? Well it’s about time we realise it. Our city is getting more populated and even more polluted. With a daily busy work schedule and a fixed lifestyle it’s only plausible that everyone deserves to take a halt and enjoy the break. Perhaps, peaceful environment, sunrise with a lake view, to relax your body or even better, a sound and healthy life.

Organic and green is the new way of living. Chemical compounds and technology has taken a lot of space in our life already. Is it not the time to life a healthy life now?

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